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    nuclear extrusion, cell movement, clot retraction, antitumor activity


    nuclear extrusion, cell movement, clot retraction, antitumor activity

    Major biological effects include inhibition of the division of
    cytoplasm, reversible inhibition of cell movement, induction
    of nuclear extrusion,inhibition of such processes as
    phagocytosis,platelet aggregation and clot retraction,
    glucose transport,19-21 thyroid secretion22 and release of growth
    hormone.23,24 Cytochalasin A is sulfhydryl-reactive, and was shown
    to inhibit growth and sugar uptake in a Saccharomyces strain. Cytochalasin D (Zygosporin A)2 possesses antibiotic and
    antitumor activity.

    A study on the nuclear extrusion of mammalian erythroblast
    A study was carried out to clarify the mechanism of nuclear extrusion of mammalian erythroid cells by observing erythroblasts of rabbit under various conditions in vitro. The animals were made anemic by phenylhydrazine injection and erythroblasts were obtained from the peripheral blood and observed morphologically after a certain time of incubation. After two hour incubation at 37 degrees C, about 50% of erythroblasts were denucleated. The nuclear extrusion was remarkably suppressed by the inhibitor for electron transport system or by uncouplers for oxidative phosphorylation. It was also arrested by the inhibitor of cell movement, like cytochalasin B. In contrast, monoiodo-acetic acid, ouabain and colchicine hardly inhibited the nuclear extrusion. The observations indicated that the nuclear extrusion of mammalian erythroblast is an energy-dependent process in connection with the function of contractile microfilamentous system susceptible to cytochalasin B.

    ich suche die deutschen Übersetzungen für die o.g. Wörter.
    Unter Nuclear extrusion kann ich mir nicht wirklich etwas vorstellen. Cell Movement würde ich mit Zellfortbewegung übersetzen, bin aber nicht ganz sicher ob nicht nur Zellbewegung gemeint sein kann. Für clot retraction fällt mir kein deutsches Wort ein.

    Könnte bitte jemand behilflich sein?
    Author czernobill (760018) 03 Jan 13, 18:29
    #1Author tom310 (792638) 03 Jan 13, 21:15
    Danke sehr
    #2Author czernobill (760018) 04 Jan 13, 12:18
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