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  • Subject

    plea bargained out


    “I checked around, and there are a couple of cases in Glendale that got, ah, short-sheeted, so to speak. Plea bargained out, dismissed on grounds that any lawyer would only introduce as a Hail Mary pass. Just generally a lot of bad luck making anything stick right now.”



    ich verstehe das "plea bargained out" nicht.

    Vielen Dank!

    AuthorJust Be (1080068) 18 Dec 18, 20:54

    plea bargain = ein Deal mit dem Gericht

    per Verständigung mit dem Gericht geregelt

    „Strafverfahren per Deal mit dem Gericht erledigt“

    #1Authormad (239053) 18 Dec 18, 21:38

    Vielen Dank.

    Heißt also, ein bereits ausgehandelter Deal wurde abgewiesen?

    #2AuthorJust Be (1080068) 18 Dec 18, 21:42

    Andersrum: Weil ein Deal ausgehandelt wurde, kam es nicht zu einem Gerichtsverfahren.

    #3AuthorIna R. (425467) 18 Dec 18, 23:27

    As mad said, a plea bargain is a deal -- in the OP sentence, it's kind of used as a verb: "plea bargained out." It's a bit slangy, and I'd say it refers to a case (or in this context, a couple of cases) being closed by making a deal -- like, the accused or the defendant gets out of (avoids) going through a trial, or being charged with a worse offence.

    #4AuthorJanette B. (1227601) 18 Dec 18, 23:28
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