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    women glow and men plunder


    women glow and men plunder

    Context/ examples
    "Do you come from a land down under?
    Where women glow and men plunder
    What is the meaning of this part from men @ work with down under?

    The word by word translation is:"Frauen glühen und Männer plündern"

    This doesn't make much sense!
    AuthorOliver Lorenz23 Mar 05, 23:18
    Guck mal ins Archiv:   related discussion:women glow, men plunder</A
    #1Authorholger23 Mar 05, 23:21
    warum nicht?
    #2Authorverwunder24 Mar 05, 00:03
    SuggestionDie Frauen "glühen" nicht, sondern "scheinen, glänzen"
    Context/ examples
    In Australien sind die Frauen oft sehr schick gekleidet, glamorös in High Heels und Glitzer-Klamotten (Women glow), während die Männer in dreckigen Jeans und Shirt mit einem guten Spruch und einem lebendigen Humor diese Frauen aufreißen (plunder)
    #3AuthorGerman Girl28 Nov 06, 10:33
    Ich dachte immer es käme evtl. von einem Spruch, der immer gern von meine Großmutter zitierte würde, "Horses sweat, men perspire, but ladies glow". Es kann aber gut sein, dass das gar nicht stimmt ;-)
    #4Authorchristina28 Nov 06, 10:52
    Suggestion"where men chunder" "wo Männer reihern"
    The correct lyrics of the song is "where women glow and men chunder". This refers to the Aussies' taste for beer (and sometimes their stomachs just don't agree with it)...
    #5AuthorAlistair Owen09 Jan 07, 07:14
    @Alistair - that's one big statement you make there, mate -
    Googling for
    "women glow and men chunder" gets 129 hits,
    "women glow and men plunder" gets 935 hits.
    "women glow and men thunder" gets 162 hits...

    the text does contain the phrase "where beer does flow and men chunder" as the second refrain, according to:

    which may be where the confusion comes from.

    barring evidence from the home page of 'Men at Work' that would definitely prove the point, I'd be hesitant to make statements such as yours...
    #6Authorodondon irl09 Jan 07, 07:49
    You guys are wrong.
    It IS plunder.

    Yes it is varied a lot, but first time IS "plunder" and not "chunder". No interest to look in "misheard lyrics" or whatever, as I do have the song here :)
    #7Authorpp11 Mar 07, 19:06
    It is exactly as irl said, first chorus "plunder" and then "chunder". You should try to be more attentive!
    #8AuthorWhatever, man28 Apr 10, 17:04
    @ whatever, man:

    And you should try to be attentive sooner... ;^)
    #9Authorgremlin28 Apr 10, 17:10
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