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  • Subject

    process retraction

    S1P promotes process retraction of pre-oligodendrocytes
    through activation of Edg8/S1P5.

    Edg8/S1P5: An Oligodendroglial Receptor with Dual Function on Process Retraction and Cell Survival
    C. Jaillard,1 * S. Harrison,2 * B. Stankoff,1 M. S. Aigrot,1 A. R. Calver,2 G. Duddy,2 F. S. Walsh,3 M. N. Pangalos,4 N. Arimura,5 K. Kaibuchi,5 B. Zalc,1 and C. Lubetzki1
    The Journal of Neuroscience, February 9, 2005, 25(6):1459-1469; doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.4645-04.2005
    AuthorS1P18 Feb 09, 22:04
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