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  • Subject

    Et ta sœur ?


    An English writer born in France and grown up there for the first ten years of his life and also having died there, who possibly spoke and wrote French even better than English, puts this expression in the mouth of a young woman in one of his short stories in response to a question she apparently found intrusive, and goes on to write:

    “This phrase, which of course means: and your sister, and sounds harmless enough, and even pointless, is a trifle vulgar and is used by well-brought-up young women, I think, only if they want to shock. It expresses the most forcible unbelief, and the only correct translation into the vernacular is too coarse for my chaste pen.”

    The CNRTL does not however mark it as "vulgaire" :

    « Loc. Et ta sœur! [Exclam. railleuse pour mettre fin à des propos jugés inadmissibles et qui s'attire parfois la réplique non moins narquoise Elle bat le beurre!] » 


    Would you agree that it is "(a trifle) vulgar"?

    How would you translate it into English?

    Author Kurt A. (1313470) 01 Feb 23, 19:25

    To get fhings started ...

      sœur [sɶr]

    nom féminin

     ... et ta sœur ! (très familier)   mind your own (damn) business ! ...

     Français      Anglais

    Et ta sœur ? expr   familier (On ne te demande pas ton avis.) (impolite)   Mind your own damn business! interj

        (colloquial)   Keep your nose out! interj ...

     et ta sœur! sl         go to hell! sl

    et ta sœur! sl        piss off! sl ...

    None of these tags this expression as vulgar or coarse ...

    BTW, nevertheless I wouldn't use it speaking French ...

    #1Author no me bré (700807) 01 Feb 23, 21:11
 ­ automatisch zu ­ ­ umgewandelt