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    Nun tippen Sie dieses eingerahmte Zeichen ein. Das ist auf Ihrer Tastatur die so genannte Zugriffstaste. In der Registerkarte drücken Sie wiederum den eingerahmten Buchstaben oder die Zahl eines Befehls ein.

    Now type this framed character. This is the so-called key tip on your keyboard. In the tab press the framed letter or number of a command.
    This is from an intro to PowerPoint 2010, describing how to use "key tips" (when you press Alt or F1). I can't figure out what the difference is between the first sentence and the third sentence; isn't it repeating itself?
    Authorflaggthecat10 Dec 10, 09:59
    someone tried to avoid verb repetition and used two verbs to mean the same thing: either 'type' or 'press' are fine.

    What I don't know is whether or not the repeat instruction is necessary - do you need to type the character twice or not?
    #1Authorpenguin (236245) 10 Dec 10, 10:01
    You don't need to type it twice. Not according to this, anyway. So I can't figure out why it repeats the instruction.
    #2Authorflaggthecat10 Dec 10, 10:21
    a copy&paste error, maybe, or an editing error? Can you ask the author?
    #3Authorpenguin (236245) 10 Dec 10, 10:22
    I have no direct access to the author. I plan on attaching a note to this line, but I hoped someone here with PowerPoint 2010 experience/computer training experience might see something I wasn't understanding.
    #4Authorflaggthecat10 Dec 10, 10:27
    In that case I would translate what the text says and point out to the customer that this seems superfluous to you and could he please check the text.
    #5Authorpenguin (236245) 10 Dec 10, 10:29
    on second thoughts - the English text you linked says this:

    Pressing the key on the keyboard that represents a tab will open that tab and display all the commands within, along with their Key Tips too. To activate any command you need to use, press its Key Tip.

    so you do need to press two keys - first a key to open the tab you want and then a key for the function or feature within the tab, right?
    #6Authorpenguin (236245) 10 Dec 10, 10:32
    I guess I'll say "Now type this framed character to open the tab. This is the so-called key tip on your keyboard. In the tab you have opened, press the framed letter or number over a command you want to carry out."

    That's reading quite a bit into it, but it's certainly accurate.

    #7Authorflaggthecat10 Dec 10, 10:38
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