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  • Subject

    We've got to get ourselves

    "We've got to get ourselves" aus dem Songtext zu "Woodstock" von Joni Mitchell.
    Wer kann mir bitte erklären, wie die Übersetzung lautet? Danke!
    AuthorMary Shelley (760113) 28 Dec 10, 18:12
    Die komplette Liedzeile lautet:
    And we've got to get ourselves back to the garden

    und das heißt: wir müssen unbedingt einen Weg zurück in den Garten finden
    #1Authorpenguin (236245) 28 Dec 10, 18:15
    Aber da kommt doch hinten dran noch mehr.
    #2Authorigm (387309) 28 Dec 10, 18:15
    der ganze Satz lautet "... back to the farm," wenn ich mich richtig erinnere. Also, wir müssen zurück zum Bauernhof.

    Edit: or garden. :-)

    Edit edit: na ja, von unbedingt ist allerdings nicht die Rede.
    #3Authordude (253248) 28 Dec 10, 18:16
    uns zum/in den ... zurückbegeben.
    #4AuthorH.B. (213580) 28 Dec 10, 18:26
    Tja, da hab ich wohl nicht genau weitergelesen ... Aber trotzdem danke für Eure Antworten!
    #5AuthorMary Shelley (760113) 28 Dec 10, 18:36
    nein, nicht unbedingt, aber wohl doch recht dringend ;-)
    #6Authorpenguin (236245) 28 Dec 10, 18:46
    My own association way-back-when was they had to get back to the Garden of Eden :-)) That's how it struck my 14-year-old imagination.
    #7AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 28 Dec 10, 19:13
    I just listened to this on grooveshark. (Takes you back..!) And I think I agree with Carly.
    #8Authorescoville (237761) 28 Dec 10, 19:21
    Doesn't it just, escoville - and I still cannot understand why my parents wouldn't let me hitch hike from California to Woodstock :-))
    #9AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 28 Dec 10, 19:25
    Is doch bloß Hippiemucke ;-)
    #10AuthorB.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 28 Dec 10, 19:37
    Thanks, Carly. Now I can't get the damn song out of my head anymore. :-)
    #11Authordude (253248) 28 Dec 10, 19:44
    Hi, dude - You could perhaps replace it with another "Woodstock Greatest Hits" - Country Joe and the Fish - Gimme an F... F!!...Gimme a U... U!!...I'll leave the rest up to your imagination :-))
    #12AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 28 Dec 10, 23:18
    Hi Carly,
    I think it was the 'garden of eden'!

    For those German guys: A little bit of 'smoke on the water' might help you to understand.

    @Bubbi: You'll never get this spirit!
    #13Authortraveler in time (757476) 28 Dec 10, 23:39
    Sorry for baconing this thread, BUT traveler, bet you wouldn't mind me adding some "fire in the sky," would you? :-))
    #14AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 28 Dec 10, 23:46
    Traveler: I'm a dyed-in-the-wool kid of the Eighties. No time for the Seventies ;-)


    "Hippies hate water ..."


    #15AuthorB.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 29 Dec 10, 07:15
    @ BLZBubb

    Woodstock was 60s, man! Or should I say: "young man"?
    #16Authorescoville (237761) 29 Dec 10, 10:55
    Bub should be forgiven; apparently the dye in this wool of his has affected his time perception. :-)
    #17Authordude (253248) 29 Dec 10, 15:22
    As eny fule no, the "Seventies" actually started before 1970 and ended before 1980 ;-)
    #18AuthorB.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 29 Dec 10, 16:49
    Yeah, and the 80s was the "Disco Welle" with such "great hits" as Fly, Robin Fly, Up, Up, Up into the Sky - I now understand why Bubb prefers his music :-))
    #19AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 29 Dec 10, 18:44
    Aber auch Musik wie die von

    Dead Kennedys
    Stiff Little Fingers
    Sex Pistols
    United Balls
    Joy Division
    King Kurt


    Da stinkt Eure Hippiemucke meilenweit gegen ab ;-)
    #20AuthorB.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 29 Dec 10, 18:52
    Tut mir leid, Bub, aber gegen Bands wie (damals, versteht sich) Jethro Tull, the Doors, sogar die Beatles und Rolling Stones, the Who, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, etc., da konnte auch in den 80ern nix mitmachen.
    #21Authordude (253248) 29 Dec 10, 19:02
    Hate to disappoint you, but I like the Sex Pistols and Pogues - the others don't ring any bells, but I just checked out the Meteors - they seemed to have covered quite a few songs from "my era" :-))

    Basically, I just plain LOVE music - apart from techno and much, but not all of rap.

    edit: Stimmt, dude!!
    #22AuthorCarly-AE (237428) 29 Dec 10, 19:04
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