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  • Subject

    alt bewehrt

    This is from a jewelry company's catalogue:
    Metallisch umrahmtes Holz verliert an Härte und bricht mit alt bewehrter Eleganz.

    I don't understand how "alt bewehrt" is meant here
    and breaks away from... elegance?

    Can anyone help?
    AuthorPoppyP (761586) 15 Feb 11, 08:24
    This is most certainly a spelling mistake, check this out:

    Dictionary: altbewährt

    Edit: I think it means that the piece is beyond traditional jewelry and has a modern touch...
    #1Author susanne133 (607830) 15 Feb 11, 08:25
    This is definitely a spelling mistake.
    "bewehrt" is derived from "sich wehren", meaning protecting oneself (often in a military context); while "bewährt" means tested and proven; "alt" meand old.
    "altbewährt" is a fixed phrase in German. If something is "alt bewährt", it has a lot of reputation, experience, history etc.
    #2Author JuBaRa (1089704) 01 Jul 15, 09:50
    Really strange description, including spelling mistake. It means "breaks away from traditional elegance."
    #3Authorfailsworthpole (393014) 01 Jul 15, 09:56
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