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  • Subject

    compact garbage

    The garbage truck compacts the garbage to make more room for more garbage in the truck
    AuthorBrettUSA (718859) 12 Mar 11, 06:13
    SuggestionAbfall zusammenpressen/verdichten
    #1AuthorMiMo (236780) 12 Mar 11, 06:35
    Nur vom Titel her hätte ich gesagt, dass hier von "konzentriertem Unsinn" die Rede ist (as in "utter nonsense", haha...)

    Könnte man das auch in dem Sinn im Englischen verwenden?
    #2Authorfums (627694) 12 Mar 11, 09:27
    Actually, in BrettUSA's sentence "compact" is used as a verb, not an adjective. The title of the thread could have read: to compact garbage; but the "to" is sometimes left off of infinitives.
    Granted, "compact" can also be used as an adjective, but that doesn't work here, at least not in your interpretation.
    #3Authorwupper (354075) 12 Mar 11, 10:53
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