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  • Subject

    I'm shy

    "What do you want to eat?" - "I'm shy to say..."
    Ich finde 'ich scheue mich' oder 'ich möchte das lieber nicht sagen' oder treffen nicht recht den gleichen Ton. Was würdet ihr vorschlagen?
    Authorblixer (790179) 15 Sep 11, 10:24
    "Ich trau' mich kaum, es zu sagen..."
    #1AuthorGaleazzo (259943) 15 Sep 11, 10:24
    oder: Das ist mir jetzt unangenehm [zu sagen], aber ...
    #2AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 15 Sep 11, 10:29
    the mind boggles as to what the three dots stand for...

    your left earlobe? iguana claws? otters' noses? this bar of soap?
    #3AuthorSpinatwachtel (341764) 15 Sep 11, 11:57
    sei nicht so neugierig Spinatwachtel :-)

    imho Frage + Antowrten #1 und #2 sind schlüßig
    #4Authorsunnyserpent (554652) 15 Sep 11, 12:02
    Suggestionsmirk & sin
    thanks for the answers! to me the english use of shy in this context allows for a kind of smirky undertone that i didn't really know how to replicate in german.
    the three dots stand for chocolate cake, ben & jerry's icecream, big burgers with french fries and other such sins :)
    #5Authorblixer (790179) 15 Sep 11, 12:13
    I hesitate to say ...
    I'm reluctant to say ...
    I have to admit...
    and many others

    all sound like better AE to me than the OP
    #6AuthorJurist (US) (804041) 16 Sep 11, 07:36
    #6 Or "I'm too shy to say." - the original sounds unusual to me in British English too.
    But maybe the original is old or regional use?
    #7AuthorCM2DD (236324) 16 Sep 11, 07:58
    #7 is good.
    #8AuthorJurist (US) (804041) 16 Sep 11, 09:39
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