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    aufgrund großer Schulterhöhe

    "Große Schulterhöhe" sounds all fine and good, but when I translate it as "high shoulder height" ... argh, "high height" just sounds completely awful. But what other word to use for "groß" in that case? I'm tempted to use something like "increased", even though that is not what is explicitly stated.

    A little background:
    It's from a design guideline for a certain type of bearings. And the "große Schulterhöhe" comes up in a table listing advantages and disadvantages of a certain bearing design. An advantage is that they are particularly sturdy due to their "große Schulterhöhe".

    Grateful for any ideas/suggestions.
    Verfasser hermarphromoose (169674) 13 Jan. 12, 19:52
    great (shoulder) height

    #1Verfasser dude (253248) 13 Jan. 12, 19:53
    Hmmmm ...

    The problem with "great" is it makes me think of big, tall trees or buildings or something and not of tiny little part of an already small component.

    But admittedly it does sound better than "high".
    #2Verfasser hermarphromoose (169674) 13 Jan. 12, 19:57
    ... considerable ? . . .
    #3VerfasserDaddy . . . (533448) 13 Jan. 12, 20:01
    great/considerable shoulder height should both be OK.
    #4Verfasser inquisitor (789105) 13 Jan. 12, 20:07
    What do you think of "large"?

    Otherwise "considerable" sounds pretty good.
    #5Verfasser hermarphromoose (169674) 13 Jan. 12, 20:20
    Nope, "large" doesn't work here IMO.
    #6Verfasser inquisitor (789105) 13 Jan. 12, 20:36
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