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    English missing

    Das wichtigste ist die Sicht: Fern-Sicht, Klar-Sicht, Ein-Sicht, Vor-Sicht, Nach-Sicht und Rück-Sicht


    Das wichtigste ist die Sicht: Fern-Sicht, Klar-Sicht, Ein-Sicht, Vor-Sicht, Nach-Sicht und Rück-Sicht

    Quote appears in company literature
    A quote from Philip Rosenthal, founder of Rosenthal AG, among other things.

    Obviously the wordplay is impossible to render in English - but all the same I'm sure there's something better than this lame offering (a mixture of my/someone else's translations):

    The most important things to focus on are: broad vision, clear purpose, understanding, attention, patience and consideration

    It's to go in some company literature, so has been chosen for its aptness... I'd like to try and retain the aptness without losing any of the snappiness/corporate message!

    Thanks for your help...
    AuthorLooloobelle (413002) 24 Jan 12, 14:47
    being forward-looking, looking beyond the surface, looking through others' eyes, looking out for yourself, looking out for others.

    Oh, and watch out for the number of Ps in Philip(p) - the father has two, the son one.
    #1Author CM2DD (236324) 24 Jan 12, 15:02
    Great, thanks Anne - I wonder if anyone else has any suggestions...
    #2AuthorLooloobelle (413002) 24 Jan 12, 15:22
    far sight, clear sight, insight, foresight, and rear sight

    #3Author dude (253248) 24 Jan 12, 15:37
    Hmm yeah I'd agree with all of them except rear sight... I don't think that's a thing. But thanks dude, maybe I'll try something like that, at least then it's more like the original...
    #4AuthorLooloobelle (413002) 24 Jan 12, 15:39
    The 'sight' one is nicer but I had the same problem trying to get across the Einsicht, Nachsicht or Rücksicht, the three of which I've cut down to two in mine.

    (And I'd make the first 'foresight'.)
    #5Author CM2DD (236324) 24 Jan 12, 15:41
    ...hindsight ? one does say "with the benefit/wisdom of hindsight...
    #6Authormikefm (760309) 24 Jan 12, 15:55
    Can we check on what the words actually mean here? I'd say:

    Fernsicht - foresight, looking ahead
    Klarsicht - grasping a situation, having a good overview
    Einsicht - showing understanding for others OR having an insight into something
    Vorsicht - being careful
    Nachsicht - leniency, forgiving others their errors
    Rücksicht - consideration, taking others into account
    #7Author CM2DD (236324) 24 Jan 12, 16:06
    I agree with all your definitions there, definitely.

    So how about:

    Foresight, clarity, insight, exercising caution, leniency and consideration towards others

    It's not snappy, but it keeps a flavour of the original...
    #8AuthorLooloobelle (413002) 24 Jan 12, 16:24
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