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    ein Tor, mit der eine zurückliegende Mannschaft bei einem Ballsport an die Zahl der Tore des Gegners "anschließt", also z.B. das 1:2 (beim Stand von 0:2).
    AuthorIlldiko (763882) 28 May 12, 23:46

    e.g.; someone scores the equalizer or equalizing goal/basket/etc.

    Edit: sorry, I misread the query; the equalizer would obviously be the 2:2 in the above example. In the given context, some of the sports commentators I've heard might say something like "Team A is now on the books" by scoring its first goal or basket, or whatever. I don't know of any specific term for that, though.
    #1Author dude (253248) 29 May 12, 00:29
    Suggestiongoal that leaves one more to level the score; goal that leaves/left the side only one down
    Muret-Sanders; Oxford Duden
    "ihm gelang das Anschlusstor" = "he pulled one back to leave the side only one goal down" (Oxford Duden)

    Native speakers mögen berichten, ob es nicht doch kürzere oder idiomatischere Ausdrücke gibt.
    #2Author MiMo (236780) 29 May 12, 06:09
    In AE (American) football, they say, "it's a one-score game" - meaning that the losing team needs to score only once to either tie or go ahead.
    In AE baseball, they say, "the tying run (or go-ahead run, as the case may be) is at the plate".

    The "one-score game" is probably the most likely to be used in other sports too.
    #3Author svaihingen (705121) 29 May 12, 06:24
    I'd probably say: ... they've pulled within one ...
    #4Authorcryme (795004) 29 May 12, 06:36
    (Guardian-Beitrag zur vorletzten WM)
    "What football-related terms are there in other languages that have no direct equivalent in English?"


    Anschlusstreffer - the goal that reduces the deficit to one (eg brings the score to 2-1 rather than 2-0)

    Demnach gäbe es keinen gebräuchlichen englischen Ausdruck, zumindest kennt die Guardian-Sportredaktion keinen.
    #5AuthorMr Chekov (DE) (522758) 29 May 12, 07:15
    Now I don't really trust, but what about their suggestion - to get one back?
    #6Author penguin (236245) 29 May 12, 07:52
    #5 is right - there is no direct equivalent to "Anschlusstor" in English.
    We would use a verbal expression, as #2 and #6 suggest:

    Bayern got a goal back.
    Bayern pulled one back.
    Bayern pulled one back when Müller scored from the penalty spot.
    Müller's penalty reduced the deficit to a single goal.

    #7Author captain flint (782544) 29 May 12, 09:29
    Essentially, you've pulled within one. (See #4).

    I think Illdiko's example was just that, an example.

    It could have been 5:3, and the team that was down pulled within one when they scored a goal.
    #8Authorcryme (795004) 29 May 12, 09:36
    #8 Maybe, but I don't think we would say that in the U.K.
    No disrespect, but I tend to feel that BE rules when it comes to talking about footy :-)
    #9Author captain flint (782544) 29 May 12, 09:51
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