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    Wie kommst du denn zu der Ehre?


    Wie kommst du denn zu der Ehre?

    Ich wurde befördert. - (sarkastisch) Oho, wie kommst du denn zu der Ehre?
    VerfasserdannyGee (746636) 07 Jun. 12, 13:12
    I'll take a shot at it, as I continue to rack my brain for what it's similar to...

    "Oh, when did you become so honorable?"

    Any other thoughts?
    #1Verfasser Flatternscheu (AE) (868718) 07 Jun. 12, 13:30
    How come.....
    und irgendwie weiter

    Flatternscheu, ich denke, dass ist nicht gemeint...
    #2VerfasserH.B. (213580) 07 Jun. 12, 13:33
    #1. geht gar nicht

    #3Verfassernoli (489500) 07 Jun. 12, 13:37
    Who did you have to kill? (Nicht Muttersprachler)
    #4Verfasser El Buitre (266981) 07 Jun. 12, 13:37
    What did you do to earn that hono(ur?

    #5Verfassermikefm (760309) 07 Jun. 12, 13:43
    Ich habe es nie gehört :/

    Ach, "how" statt "when" o.O
    #6Verfasser Flatternscheu (AE) (868718) 07 Jun. 12, 13:44
    To what do you owe this honor?
    #7Verfasser Carullus (670120) 07 Jun. 12, 13:57
    "Oho, and what entitles you to this honour?"
    #8VerfasserPhillipp07 Jun. 12, 14:06
    $5 is best, so far. #7 misses the point and doesn't fit here. It's actually part of a greeting: And to what do I owe this honor?

    Here maybe:
    Oh yeah? And who'd you have to blow? (granted, that's a bit nasty)
    How did you manage to do that?
    Really? They couldn't find anyone else?

    I guess it depends on how nasty/sarcastic you want to get.
    #9Verfasser dude (253248) 07 Jun. 12, 14:08
    #7 misses the point and doesn't fit here.

    You don't say. It's actually a fairly faithful translation of "wie kommst du zu der Ehre".

    It's actually part of a greeting: And to what do I owe this honor?

    Well, it can be used as a greeting, of course: To what do I owe this honor? = What brings you here?, but you'd probably only use it sarcastically or humorously these days in this context.
    #10Verfasser Carullus (670120) 07 Jun. 12, 14:16
    I wouldn't use it in this context at all.
    #11Verfasser dude (253248) 07 Jun. 12, 14:20
    In this context = as a greeting. It's fine when used literally.
    #12Verfasser Carullus (670120) 07 Jun. 12, 14:29
    If you made it 'To what do you owe that honour' it might work. But the honour is not the honour of meeting the speaker, is it, so 'this' doesn't work for me, either.
    #13Verfasser CM2DD (236324) 07 Jun. 12, 14:36
    Suppose though thaat the speaker is looking at a paper with "the honor" on it, pointing to it, and talking to the other asking the question with "this".

    A little specific, but "this" can work.
    #14Verfasser Flatternscheu (AE) (868718) 07 Jun. 12, 14:40
    And ignoring what the other person just said. Quite specific, yes :-)
    #15Verfasser CM2DD (236324) 07 Jun. 12, 14:49
    If you're trying to be sarcastic to begin with, I see no reason that somebody couldn't do this to be a little meaner :)

    "hmmm? Did you say something? It must've been the wind..."
    #16Verfasser Flatternscheu (AE) (868718) 07 Jun. 12, 15:05
    I'm not going to argue this vs. that (or honor vs. honour, for that matter), although the latter (... owe this honor ...) does seem to be more idiomatic, or at least more widely used (in A.E. only for all I know).
    #17Verfasser Carullus (670120) 07 Jun. 12, 16:36
    who had such this bad idea?

    all you need now is a toga to go with the laurel/s...
    #18Verfassernoli (489500) 07 Jun. 12, 16:46
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