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  • Subject

    Finsteres Gelächter

    Was ist der korrekte Ausdruck für das "finstere Gelächter" eines Superschurken, der die Weltherrschaft an sich reißen will? Vielleicht eine oder mehrere der folgenden Möglichkeiten?
    - maniacal laughter
    - manic laughter
    - evil laughter

    Und gibt es irgendeinen wesentlichen Unterschied zwischen "maniacal laughter" und "manic laughter"?

    Danke im Voraus!
    Authorqforce (690393) 18 Sep 12, 16:05
    I would use either "evil" or maniacal", although I see a certain difference in meaning. Evil laughter can be restrained, even quiet, and brief, while maniacal laughter is loud, sustained and seems like the person is insane.
    #1Authorthe kat (387522) 18 Sep 12, 16:09
    Ich würde "sinister laughter" bevorzugen.
    #2AuthorRestitutus (765254) 18 Sep 12, 16:17
    I'd call it a maniacal/evil/sinister laugh, not laughter
    #3Authordude (253248) 18 Sep 12, 16:35
    #4Authorlaalaa (238508) 18 Sep 12, 16:49
    that's a particularly bad example of an Erikativ, laalaa
    #5Authordude (253248) 18 Sep 12, 16:53
    o noooooo, hadn't noticed, soz
    honi soit and all that...
    #6Authorlaalaa (238508) 18 Sep 12, 17:07
    I'd say sinister too, and whether it's (a) laugh or laughter depends on context...
    #7Authormikefm (760309) 18 Sep 12, 20:15
    I just see "laugh" as coming from an individual and "laughter" coming from more than one person, like the laughter of the children, or the laughter in a room, etc.
    #8Authordude (253248) 18 Sep 12, 20:20
    Agree that's often the case, but I'd say "His laughter was infectious and inspiring." rather than "His laugh was infectious and inspiring.", e.g. in a dedication or obituary
    #9Authormikefm (760309) 18 Sep 12, 20:37
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