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    "also" in a technical text

    Die axiale Position des Deckscheibenfußes wird ausgehend vom Deckscheibenkopf, also vom Außenringeinstich, bemaßt.

    From a design guideline for a small sealing part of a ball bearing.
    Hopefully even without knowing the deeper context or exactly what these crazy parts might be, someone can tell me how "also" should be translated here. My gut feeling was something like "that is to say" but LEO says "thus", which makes me unsure.

    Or is it impossible to say without knowing the exact design of these parts?
    Verfasser hermarphromoose (169674) 15 Nov. 12, 21:25
    "that is to say" is fine. You could also use, "that is" or "in other words".
    #1Verfasser svaihingen (705121) 15 Nov. 12, 21:26
    I agree with Svaihingen, and you: 'thus' doesn't really work here.

    i.e. might be possible, too. Deckscheibenkopf and Außenringeinstich don't sound remotely the same to me, but apparently they are, or at least that's what the 'also' implies.
    #2Verfasser Gibson (418762) 15 Nov. 12, 21:37
    I agree with Gibson on i.e., but to describe what this is about i'd say seen axially the position of the Deckscheibenkopf and the Außenringeinstich are the same. From this position starts the dimensioning of the Deckscheibenfuß.
    ... I hope you have a drawing on which you can identify those three parts :-}
    Außenringeinstich is probably an outer circular incut? ...
    #3VerfasserMorix (892852) 15 Nov. 12, 23:04
    "i.e." or maybe "in other words: xyz" sound fine for me.

    (I won't comment on the Deckscheibenfuss and the Aussenthingy - I sure hope there are some drawings accompanying the description)
    #4Verfasser Ben (.ch) (320541) 16 Nov. 12, 01:17
    Thank you all! (Yes, there are drawings. ;-})
    #5Verfasser hermarphromoose (169674) 16 Nov. 12, 11:21
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