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  • Subject

    nachfragen (freundlich)

    Context/ examples
    Ich wollte (mal) nachfragen, wie es mit dem Angebot steht. Wann kann ich damit rechnen?


    Sollte sehr höflich/freundlich formuliert sein.
    AuthorDirk12 Jan 06, 16:33
    SuggestionI'd like to ask/ know how things stand with our/my order.
    Of course you can say "inquire" but I'd stick to "ask".
    #1AuthorMcD12 Jan 06, 16:37
    Suggestionto inquire
    #2AuthorHelmi (U.S.)12 Jan 06, 16:38
    Sorry, I hit Send too fast.

    Alternative to "how things stand with our/my order": the status of our/my order.
    #3AuthorMcD12 Jan 06, 16:39
    Suggestionhow do things look ..................
    Context/ examples
    Rep--How do things look with my offer/quote/quotation?

    Customer--IŽm still waiting on another quote.

    Rep--When do you think youŽll be making a decision / placing the order?

    Customer--Hopefully by the end of the week.
    #4Authorphilke (AE)12 Jan 06, 16:48
    OOPS! I misread Auftrag für Angebot. Time to quit for the day.

    Of course it should be offer/quote/quotation or whatever is implied by the context.
    #5AuthorMcD is tired12 Jan 06, 16:55
    Also einfach so? :
    Dear Mr. yx,
    How do things look with my offer/quote/quotation.
    sincerely yours,

    oder :

    Dear Mr. yx,
    i'd like to askh ow things look with my offer/quote/quotation.
    When do you think youŽll be making a decision?
    sincerely yours,


    #6AuthorDirk12 Jan 06, 16:57
    My comments were for spoken English. I incorrectly assumed it was for a telephone call.
    #7Authorphilke (AE)12 Jan 06, 17:00
    so i shouldn't use it for a mail/letter?

    What else can write?
    #8AuthorDirk12 Jan 06, 17:04
    SuggestionI politely ask about the status of our offer
    But I'm generally not a very polite person, which makes it hard for me to think as one!!!!
    #9AuthorThe Swagman12 Jan 06, 17:08
    ok. dann mache ich es noch etwas schwerer. Höflich, aber nicht zu formell.

    > I politely ask about the status of our offer

    Kommt mir sehr steif vor.
    #10AuthorDirk12 Jan 06, 17:13
    WhatŽs your relationship with Mr. XY like? How well do you know him? Is he a new or repeat customer? Is your contact with him in a more formal or informal English?
    #11Authorphilke (AE)12 Jan 06, 17:15
    You could write instead:
    Could you please give me an update of our offer...
    Would you please refer to our offer...

    Besides, really steif would be:

    Would you please be so kind as to reply to the content of our proposed offer...

    That would really drive them nuts!!!
    #12AuthorThe Swagman12 Jan 06, 17:18
    Dear Mr. XYZ,

    I was wondering about the status of our offer/quote/quotation and wanted to inquire about it. Do you have any idea when you'll be making a decision?

    Sincerely yours,

    #13AuthorMcD12 Jan 06, 17:21
    Context/ examples
    @McD--I support your wording, but for some reason most German speakers do not like to use "wonder", for whatever reason. I would use it without thinking twice though.
    #14Authorphilke (AE)12 Jan 06, 17:29
    I know him quiet well. i'll use the proposed translation. Thank you.
    #15AuthorDirk12 Jan 06, 17:48
    >>Ich wollte (mal) nachfragen

    I just wanted to ask / inquire (about) ...
    I was just wondering (about) ...
    I just wanted to follow up on ...

    >>wie es mit X steht.

    ... how things (currently) stand with X.
    ... how things are going with X (at this point).
    ... how things look / are looking with X.
    ... what's happening with X.
    ... the status of X.

    >>Wann kann ich damit rechnen?

    Could you please let me know ...
    Would you mind letting me know ...
    Could you give me some idea of ...

    ... when I can expect to hear from you?
    ... when I can expect an answer / a decision?
    ... when you will be making a decision?
    ... when we can expect to receive X?
    ... when X will be ready?

    For me, 'wanted to inquire' is basically redundant after 'I was wondering.'

    Just in case it's not obvious, the suggestions made by Swagman are all incorrect.

    @Dirk: Another tip: 'Mail' in English is a non-count noun, so you should say 'an e-mail' instead of *'a mail.'
    #16Authorhm -- us13 Jan 06, 00:18
    @philke: because "wonder" is so close to the Germam "sich wundern", which is more like to be astonished/to marvel. you could never really translate that German word with "I was wondering", it's just not German ^_^
    #17AuthorAnnie13 Jan 06, 00:53
    @Annie--Thanks for the comment, but how would you translate "I wonder" or "I was wondering", which is really what I was getting at.

    LEO shows "gern wissen wollen". Any other possibilities?
    #18Authorphilke (AE)13 Jan 06, 07:46
    @philke: Although your question really was for Annie, I would like to answer it anyway:
    Another possibility to translate "I wonder" or "I was wondering" would be: "Ich habe mich gefragt, wie....". This is pretty informal, though, and it is often translated that way in movies.
    I also think LEO's suggestion hits it pretty well.
    #19AuthorNicole (DE)13 Jan 06, 08:42
    I'm with Nicole here. "I wonder why..." is close to "Ich frage mich, wieso...", and that's quite informal, or even insulting, at least in a business letter / e-mail. Regarding Dirk's question, "Ich frage mich, wieso..." would could be understood as something like "Hey, why don't you answer?"
    #20AuthorCarsten07 Feb 06, 23:55
    Hier vielleicht eine hilfreiche Liste an Möglichkeiten zum nachfragen:

    With reference to your letter of 8 June, I ...
    I am writing to enquire about ...
    After having seen your advertisement in ... , I would like ...
    After having received your address from ... , I ...
    I received your address from ... and would like ...
    We/I recently wrote to you about ...
    Thank you for your letter of 8 May.
    Thank you for your letter regarding ...
    Thank you for your letter/e-mail about ...
    In reply to your letter of 8 May, ...
    #21AuthorBärtiger10 Jun 10, 12:35
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