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  • Subject

    wachsende Anzahl

    Context/ examples

    I have to translate the following sentence:

    "Mit wachsender Anzahl von Würfen wird der Einfluß des Zufalls auf das Gesamtergebnis immer geringer"

    Which one of the following translations is better?

    " The more times we roll the dice, the less chance will influence the overall result"

    " With an increasing number of rolls, the influence of chance on the overall result will progressively diminish"

    AuthorSilvia16 Jan 06, 15:01
    the second one sounds great, whereas I would use "fortuity"...but "chance would probably also be understood.
    #1AuthorTheLock1716 Jan 06, 15:07
    Suggestionwachsende Anzahl
    Context/ examples
    Thank you very much
    #2AuthorSilvia16 Jan 06, 15:21
    Silvia: go for your second suggestion. Forget "fortuity"
    #3AuthorRoger 16 Jan 06, 19:16
    Either will do. I prefer the first (verbs better than nouns), but that's a matter of taste.

    "Fortuity", if it exists at all, is quite wrong. "Chance" is the established expression in this context.
    #4Authorescoville16 Jan 06, 19:29
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