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    Der Eco-Tower arbeitet mit einem Speicherturm für maximal 60 Paletten, der Eco-Compact kann mit einem Speicherteller bis zu zehn Bauteile aufnehmen.

    Setting: series production, belt conveyor

    Hope there's someone out there who's familiar with production terminology and knows what this thing is called in English.
    Verfasser hermarphromoose (169674) 11 Aug. 13, 09:51
    Have you tried googling with "feeder plate" and "feeder tower"? Sorry, only a suggestion.
    #1Verfasser penguin (236245) 11 Aug. 13, 10:10
    No need to be sorry, pengu. "Feeder plate" actually looked pretty good at first glance, but after going through the hits a little more carefully it seems to be something for storing pistols or else some "plate feeder" from China. :-/

    Or else you get bird feeders.

    "Feeder table" doesn't seem to be right either. Nor "feeder rack". Anything with "storage" seems to be out of the question. Still hoping Mr. or Mrs. Assembly Line Expert will see this and know the answer.
    #2Verfasser hermarphromoose (169674) 11 Aug. 13, 10:31
    Lang-Technik calls it
    storage table with a capacity of 10 pallets.

    Depending on your browser's settings you may need to click on the Brit flag on the web page's top right.
    #3Verfasser Leonhard <de> (608265) 11 Aug. 13, 13:46
    After pondering it over another afternoon here, I'm still not sure ... LONG STORY OMITTED ... I'm just going to go with "storage table" and be done with it.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
    #4Verfasser hermarphromoose (169674) 11 Aug. 13, 19:15
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