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    In die Befehlszeile wird der Speicherort der Datei direkt eingegeben oder mit „Durchsuchen“ gesucht.
    Mit „Drücken“ wird das Update durchgeführt.
    This is a button on a dialog window. (I have a picture). Why would a button say "press" or can it also be translated as "execute" or something? then I would have expected the button to say "Ausführen".

    AuthorAlpena26 Sep 13, 07:54
    in print im Druck
    paddle firm (Brit.) [SPORT.]mit Druck   [Rowing]
    back pressureDruck im Brennofen, sichtbar an der Flamme in den Schaulöchern
    to keep one's fingers crossed for so.jmdm. die Daumen drücken
    I'll keep my fingers crossed.Ich werde Ihnen die Daumen drücken.
    If you have a picture - does the button actually say "Drücken"?
    I would have expected something like "by pressing this button ....".
    Maybe someone misunderstood something and mislabeled the button.
    #1Authorpenguin (236245) 26 Sep 13, 07:56
    It MIGHT just be a mistranslation of "push", which is sometimes used to mean "deploy software".
    #2Authorcodero (790632) 26 Sep 13, 08:07
    I would just label the button "Update" - it's quite clear that the button has to be pushed, so it should be labelled with what it is supposed to accomplish - i.e. carry out the update
    #3AuthorKwerdenker (487506) 26 Sep 13, 08:48
    Yes, the picture actually shows a button with "Drucken".

    I think "update" is good.

    #4AuthorAlpena26 Sep 13, 10:44
    Watch out for the difference between Drucken (Print) and Drücken (Push)!
    #5AuthorKwerdenker (487506) 26 Sep 13, 11:00
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