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    gezupft (Ziegenkäse)

    This comes from a menu:
    Salat mit gezupftem Ziegenkäse.

    I've not been able to find anything for this. Can anyone help?
    VerfasserPoppyP (761586) 21 Okt. 13, 16:24
    Pulled cheese seems to exist, so maybe pulled goat cheese?
    #1Verfasser dude (253248) 21 Okt. 13, 16:27
    The (soft) cheese is not cut but sort of torn by hand into pieces.
    #2Verfasser penguin (236245) 21 Okt. 13, 16:28
    Liest man auch (noch?) nicht oft.

    Du nimmst den Ziegenkäse in die Hände und zupfst und rupfst kleine Stücke davon ab. Das ergibt unregelmäßige Stücke - und sieht handgemachter aus als wenn er ordentlich geschnitten wird.
    #3VerfasserBraunbärin (757733) 21 Okt. 13, 16:29
    So possibly "torn goat's cheese"?
    #4VerfasserPoppyP (761586) 21 Okt. 13, 16:42
    ... goats' cheese ... die Milch kommt sicherlich von mehreren Ziegen ...
    #5Verfasser no me bré (700807) 21 Okt. 13, 18:31

    Generic singular re cow’s milk, goat’s cheese cf doll’s house.
    Quelle: Guardian Style Guide, zitiert hier:
    #6Verfasser penguin (236245) 21 Okt. 13, 18:35
    'torn' (wie nun von Poppy vorgeschlagen/angefragt) klingt so wüst. Sagt man das wirklich?
    #7VerfasserBraunbärin (757733) 22 Okt. 13, 18:13

    I'd say (and did so in #1, too); torn is indeed a bit rough for food.
    #8Verfasser dude (253248) 22 Okt. 13, 18:16
    Pulling is part of the cheese-making process, not of the serving process, so I suspect this is the wrong word - but since you tear herbs instead of cutting them, why not tear soft cheese into pieces? After all, you also tear baguette rather than cutting it.

    Hand-Pulled Mozzarella Cheese
    Using your hands, sort of knead the curd together to form a ball. Pull the curd for a couple of minutes under the warm water. Form the cheese into either 1 log about 3 inches thick or 2 smaller ones. If the cheese starts to cool down and is hard to shape or pull, add some more simmering water

    Read more at: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-lag...

    #9Verfasser penguin (236245) 22 Okt. 13, 18:24
    For one thing, I get way more hits for "gerupfter Käse" than I do for "gezupfter Käse" (only 7). In fact, Google keeps asking me if maybe I mean "gerupfter Käse" instead of "gezupfter." For another (and after some more googling), maybe what's meant here is "shredded cheese." I suppose goat cheese could be shredded, conceivably. Goat cheese usually is very crumbly, though.
    #10Verfasser dude (253248) 22 Okt. 13, 18:50
    Perhaps - goat cheese crumbles.
    e.g. http://www.alouettecheese.com/products/crumbl...

    Crumbles is the standard menu word for torn/broken cheese bits (unless it is shredded or long strings of string cheese).
    #11Verfasser svaihingen (705121) 22 Okt. 13, 23:09
    Vorschlag(crumbled) goat cheese
    In AE at least, it's definitely goat cheese, with no S and no apostrophe (in either order).

    I don't think you really have to explain exactly what form the goat cheese is in; it seems intuitively clear that it's not just in one large chunk. I thought it was more rubbery than crumbly, but I still would pick 'crumbled' over the other choices, because that's a word that sounds normal with cheese.

    #12Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 22 Okt. 13, 23:14
    FWIW "crumbled" sounds a little odd to me -"gerupft", "torn", wouldn't look similar to the cheese in the link (#11) I think; "crumble" reminds me of "apple crumble".

    On the other hand, see this; but doesn't crumble refer to something dry?


    #13Verfassermikefm (760309) 23 Okt. 13, 00:30
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