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    Fest der Sinne (Weihnachten)

    This is the heading in a poster advertising special massage deals over Christmas at a spa:

    Zum Fest der Sinne - Beauty und Wellness schenken.
    I don't think that anything using "feast" or "festival" for/of the senses works here. So far I've just put "This festive season give the gift...." but I want to bring in the idea of senses (massage). Any ideas?
    VerfasserPoppyP (761586) 19 Dez. 13, 10:50
    Vorschlaga sensual fest (?)
    #1Verfasser MiMo (236780) 19 Dez. 13, 11:04
    No "fest" in English. Do you mean festival or festivity? That would be overdoing it.
    #2Verfasser Alan (De/US) (236282) 19 Dez. 13, 16:05
    #2 I think he(she) meant to write 'feast'.
    #3Verfasser stonehenge (911716) 19 Dez. 13, 16:15
    fest: a gathering, event, or show having a specified focus "a music fest" — often used in combination "a gabfest"

    Synonyms: carnival, celebration, festival, festivity, fete (or fête), fiesta, gala, jubilee


    fest: a meeting or event at which the emphasis is on a particular activity ⇒ "a fashion fest"

    "And now, even that annual nostalgia fest is threatened with extinction." - Globe and Mail (2003)

    #4Verfasser MiMo (236780) 19 Dez. 13, 17:59
    "A fest for the senses" ?

    I'd avoid "sensual"; I believe there may be a AE/BE usage difference, but sensual tends to have sexual/strongly physical connotations.

    Oxford online: "of or arousing gratification of the senses and physical, especially sexual, pleasure"

    #5Verfassermikefm (760309) 19 Dez. 13, 18:00
    warum nicht:

    feast your senses ?

    Als Propagandaspruch?
    #6Verfasser her man (774377) 20 Dez. 13, 13:23
    Don't quite see what you have against feast of the senses. On the Internet it gets a million Web pages (in quotation marks).

    For the feast of the senses give the gift of beauty and wellness.
    #7Verfasser Bob C. (254583) 20 Dez. 13, 13:43
    nor do I; both feast of the senses and fest of the senses work IMO
    #8Verfassermikefm (760309) 20 Dez. 13, 13:58
    Entschuldigung, war aber nur eine Frage.

    Soga mit Frack an? Zeichen.
    #9Verfasser her man (774377) 20 Dez. 13, 14:22
    Mike, I'm not convinced about fest. It seems to be a lot less common.
    #10Verfasser Bob C. (254583) 20 Dez. 13, 14:35
    Vorschlaga celebration for the senses
    #11Verfassermenme (372262) 20 Dez. 13, 15:09
    Ein guter Vorschlag (aber eher a celebration of the senses, wenn schon).
    #12Verfasser Bob C. (254583) 20 Dez. 13, 15:14
    Ein guter Vorschlag (aber eher a celebration of the senses, wenn schon).

    Uh, no. The phrase refers to a festivity that imparts pleasurable experiences on the senses. It is therefore a celebration (or festivity) for the senses, not a celebration of the senses.
    #13Verfasser Himalia (970475) 20 Dez. 13, 15:22
    H., I know what you mean, but a celebration for the senses doesn't make much better sense!

    Probably feast for the senses is best, especially since it's closer to the original.
    #14Verfasser Bob C. (254583) 20 Dez. 13, 16:05
    Probably feast for the senses is best,

    I would agree with that.
    #15Verfasser Himalia (970475) 20 Dez. 13, 16:09
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