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  • Subject

    Strang / Linie

    Context/ examples
    Zwei Straenge (i.S.v. politischen Entwicklungen) haben die umweltpolitische Debatte in Europe gepraegt: ...
    "Two strands have formed the debate on environmental policy in Europe: .."

    Ich benutzts "strands" als Liniendenker eh ganz gerne, bin mir aber ziemlich unsicher.
    AuthorInge29 Jan 06, 19:25
    Wenn man von zwei Entwicklungslinien spricht passt auch:
    "two factors"
    Sind es zwei Parteien z.B., die am gleichen Strang ziehen passt:
    "two camps are in the same boat"
    #1AuthorRick29 Jan 06, 19:39
    Ach. Aber "factor" is doch ein Punkt, oder abstrakt, und keine LINIE (Entwicklungslinie, wie du richtig sagst).
    Also geht das "strand" oder isses komisch?
    #2AuthorInge29 Jan 06, 19:42
    Support strand especially if it concerns development over time

    two camps in a boat is an awful mixed metaphor
    #3AuthorRoger 29 Jan 06, 19:44
    Der Faktor kann aber das Ergebniss einer Entwicklung darstellen.
    ansonsten: "two factors of political development"
    #4AuthorRick29 Jan 06, 19:55
    @Roger: danke!
    @Rick: auch; yes, factor as result of a development; but if you want to have the reader associate exactly this development over time...
    How would you say thie e.g. in a more private setting, like "Two strands in the family history lead to the marriage of ...". (your suggestion?)
    "Two factors in the history of the family development ..." would not work or sounds odd.
    #5AuthorInge29 Jan 06, 20:06
    Yes, in this private sense I agree with you, but talking about politics
    like in the example I would prefer the expression: "factor"
    #6AuthorRick29 Jan 06, 20:16
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