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  • Subject

    nervig, blöd

    Context/ examples
    ist "annoying" sehr negativ gemeint, wenn ich z.B. schreiben will: "deine nervige (oder blöde) Sonnenbrille die du immer trägst" - "...your annoying sun glasses..." - hört sich so böse gemeint an, soll es aber nicht!!
    Authorskb30 Jan 06, 22:04
    Suggestionthose sunglasses
    Context/ examples
    Those sunglasses you love wearing all the time....
    ich glaub da kommt so versteckt die message rüber, dass du nicht grade begeistert von der sonnenbrille bist, ohne dass es gleich fies klingt, so nach dem motte "diese da"
    #1AuthorAnna30 Jan 06, 22:30
    Suggestionyour ridiculous sunglasses get on my nerves
    'annoying' does not fit so well - a person can be annoying, but I would say that anything cannot be annoying. But anything can certainly be ridiculous (blöd).
    #2AuthorPeter Linton, UK30 Jan 06, 22:36
    I might be wrong, but somehow that doesn't sound like Peter Linton, UK!?

    And I might as well suggest something..."irritating" might fit quite nicely.
    #3AuthorWalker31 Jan 06, 00:36
    Suggestionblah blah
    yes man
    #4Authormetalkid12 Nov 09, 20:18
    I also like "irritating." But how can you tell someone that their sunglasses are irritating without it being "gemein?"
    #5Author Bill (US) (236753) 12 Nov 09, 20:22
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