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    Upon consideration, we agree with the district court's decision. Petitioner's core contention is that he was entitled to federal sentence credit for time spent in state custody.

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    Danke im Voraus!
    VerfasserKürbiss (242432) 14 Apr. 14, 14:39
    VorschlagAnrechnung der bereits anderweitig abgeleisteten Zeit in Haft
    vergleiche § 51 StGB in Deutschland
    #1Verfassermad (239053) 14 Apr. 14, 14:42
    M.E. ist sowohl #0 wie #1 zutreffend, je nachdem von welchem Rechtssystem man spricht. Gesucht war der Begriff für den amerik. Rechtskreis.
    Vgl. dazu z.B. für den US-Staat Virginia:

    Eligibility for earned sentence credits.

    A. Every person who is convicted of a felony offense ... who is sentenced to serve a term of incarceration ... shall be eligible to earn sentence credits in the manner prescribed by this article. Such eligibility shall commence upon the person's incarceration in any correctional facility following entry of a final order of conviction by the committing court. As used in this chapter, "sentence credit" and "earned sentence credit" mean One earned sentence credit shall equal a deduction of one day from a person's term of deductions from a person's term of confinement earned through adherence to rules prescribed pursuant to § 53.1-25, through program participation as required by §§ 53.1-32.1 and 53.1-202.3, and by meeting such other requirements as may be established by law or regulation.incarceration.


    Das entspricht m.E. einer nachträglichen Strafmaßreduzierung bzw. einem
    teilweisen Straferlass.
    #2Verfasserwienergriessler (925617) 14 Apr. 14, 14:57
    Danke euch!
    #3VerfasserKürbiss (242432) 14 Apr. 14, 17:12
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