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    "Typologisch bewegt sich das Bild also in einem Bereich zwischen Stadtlandschaft und Ereignisbild."

    There's also a German wikipedia entry for the term here:

    I found a site from a Google Books search that translates the term as "action scene." Any other options or opinions? "Action scene" doesn't seem to be an established translation (so far as I can tell), and I don't really like it. My impulse would be to translate it as "event painting" or even "event scene" (since the first example I gave is dealing with a photograph). I do wonder if anyone is aware of an established translation. FYI, the book excerpt with the "action scene" translation is linked (I hope) below:


    Authornycdem (357399) 23 Feb 15, 13:00
    Je nachdem, um welches Ereignis es sich hier handelt, könnte z. B. history painting / historical painting passen, oder (in entsprechend anderem Kontext) biblical / mythological scene...
    #1Authorlate bird (666148) 23 Feb 15, 13:22
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