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    Modifications that become effective during a billing period will be pro-rated to the end of that billing period.

    Wie übersetzt man "pro-rated to the end" in diesem Fall?
    Author suchehilfe (751972) 21 May 15, 18:18
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    pro-rated  adj. [FINAN.]pro rata temporis [abbr.: p. r. t.]   - Abschreibungsmethode
    pro-rated interest rate [FINAN.]ratierlicher Zinssatz
    Ich habe überhaupt keine Ahnung, wie man das sonst übersetzt, aber ich würde sagen:

    ... werden zum Ende des Rechnungszeitraums anteilig berechnet.

    Oder so ähnlich.
    #1Author wupperwolf (411909) 21 May 15, 18:44
    #2Author penguin (236245) 21 May 15, 18:48
    Dictionary: prorate

    Ich vermute, dass das eigentlich zusammengeschrieben werden sollte. Schon weil es besser zu meinem Vorschlag passt.
    #3Author wupperwolf (411909) 21 May 15, 18:51
    The hyphen is apparently BE. To me 'pro-rated' would be something like 'mit Profi-Wertung.' But be that as it may.

    Is there a difference between anteilig gerechnet, berechnet, verteilt, zugeordnet, ... ? Anteilsmäßig ... ?
    #4Author hm -- us (236141) 22 May 15, 07:30
    The translation for "prorated" (with or without hyphen) is the "anteilig", the verb depends on context.

    If, for example, you prorate running costs for an apartment building to charge individual tenants, you would say "den einzelnen Mietern zugeordnet".

    If you prorate an annual charge or benefit because someone left before the end of the year, you would say "berechnet".

    I can't think of a context for "verteilt", and "gerechnet" fits almost every situation.
    #5Author penguin (236245) 22 May 15, 07:36
    Wow, someone already up. I think it was mostly ge- vs. be- that had me a little confused. Not that I expect to need either one much.

    Thanks very much, schönen Freitag noch, buenas noches. (-:
    #6Author hm -- us (236141) 22 May 15, 07:50
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