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    machine politician

    Booker warned that they would face a brutal battle with unions and machine politicians.

    Verfasser Pachulke (286250) 06 Dez. 15, 00:23

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    machine - ...
    the party machine - (Pol) der Parteiapparat
    the political machine - die politischen Drahtzieher

    party apparatus [pol.] - der Parteiapparat
    party machinery [pol.] - der Parteiapparat

    Siehe auch: apparatchik - der Apparatschik

    geklonte Parteiapparatschiks
    Parteifunktionäre, die nie einen Job ausserhalb des Politikgeschehens bekleidet haben
    Siehe auch: generation cloned from thinktanks and party work
    Above are some related terms. I might be inclined to vote for Parteisoldaten or -funktionäre, but I don't know all the German nuances. I would say a machine politician is more corrupt than just a party loyalist, but less communist/totalitarian than an apparatchik.

    Political machines were common in the 20th century in large US cities effectively ruled by a single political party (usually the Democrats) for decades. The party wasn't communist, much less totalitarian, but the level of bribery and corruption was high because the single party was so dominant. The system included various regional, local, and neighborhood levels where organizers and voters were beholden to party bosses, either explicitly (e.g., rewarded with government jobs) or implicitly.

    Cory Booker is from New Jersey, where machine-style politics has lasted into fairly recent history. The state is no longer dominated by a single party, but scandals and accusations of corruption have touched politicians of both parties.
    #1Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 06 Dez. 15, 01:09
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