• Betreff

    einmaliges Entgegenkommen

    Es geht darum, einem Geschäftspartner eine - eigentlich fällige - Storno-Gebühr nicht in Rechnung zu stellen, aber zugleich festzuhalten, dass das nicht zur Regel werden soll.

    Mein reichlich unbedarfter Ansatz wäre [nach Erläuterung der üblichen terms of cancellation]:
    I shall, however, charge no cancellation fee this time - but please consider this a [einmaliges Entgegenkommen]
    one time only coutesy wäre wohl zu salopp, und was G'scheites fällt mir leider nicht ein...
    Verfasserlate bird (666148) 13 Mai 16, 21:51
    "...please realize this cannot be repeated." I might say.
    #1Verfassermikefm (760309) 13 Mai 16, 21:54
    Vorschlag"... but please accept this as a one-off gesture of goodwill."
    Das könnte man vielleicht auch sagen.
    #2VerfasserKirrin (324243) 13 Mai 16, 21:58
    Agree with Kirrin.

    You could also say "as a one-off goodwill gesture" or "as a one-off gesture" or, more casually, "as a one-off".
    #3VerfasserJDL301 (1057697) 13 Mai 16, 22:12
    To me, "one-off" sounds too informal and a bit brusque.  I'd say "a one-time courtesy."
    #4VerfasserHappyWarrior (964133) 13 Mai 16, 22:23
    I agree with #4: for AE at least, there's nothing wrong with a "one-time courtesy." BE may differ (I think we had a thread not too long ago about the one-off / one-time difference).
    #5Verfasserdude (253248) 13 Mai 16, 22:31
    #6Verfasserlate bird (666148) 13 Mai 16, 22:36
    I agree that 'one-off' is not at all appropriate for writing, and 'gesture' also sounds a little odd.

    'One-time courtesy' sounds good, or perhaps something with 'waive':

    I will waive the cancellation fee this one time, but in future please be sure to observe the written deadline.
    #7Verfasserhm -- us (236141) 13 Mai 16, 23:20
    Perhaps #7 might care to look, say, at https://www.abdn.ac.uk/staffnet/documents/pol... before pontificating that "one-off is not at all appropriate for writing and gesture also sounds a little odd" ...

    Judging by the contributions made here, there would seem to be a difference in BE and AE usage here, to which #5 also alludes.

    #8VerfasserJDL301 (1057697) 14 Mai 16, 00:46
    "one-time" in BE needs to be used carefully to avoid ambiguity I'd say.

    Oxford online says:

    Pronunciation: /ˈwʌntʌɪm/
    1Former:a one-time actor
    More example sentences
    The one-time Rangers youth player rose well to meet Sheridan's corner from the right, but his effort came back off the bar.
    The former Manchester vicar and one-time Eton chaplain has consistently declined to comment on the allegations against him.
    United and City legend Denis, a one-time European Footballer of the Year, had surgery just over a year ago for prostate cancer.
    formal quondam
    2Relating to a single occasion: a one-time charge
    More example sentences
    Efforts to streamline the tax structure by means of a single tax system and one-time payment are a welcome move.
    Finally, after speaking to her manager she was able to get approval to make a one-time charge.
    The problem is that GAAP includes a lot of noncash charges and one-time expenses.

    The "former" meaning is more common I think - is "one-time" referring to a single occasion an Americanism that has crept into BE?

    'One-time courtesy' sounds very odd to my ears, even in a context that makes the meaning clear.   

    #9Verfassermikefm (760309) 14 Mai 16, 10:16

    'One-time courtesy' sounds very odd to my ears, even in a context that makes the meaning clear.

    That's interesting to me, Mike. I'm often surprised by the many differences in usage among native English speakers.
    #10VerfasserHappyWarrior (964133) 14 Mai 16, 10:35
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