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    English missing make a picture work, as long as it is conservation-friendly

    Subject make a picture work, as long as it is conservation-friendly

    The excerpt as follows:
    I sometimes work into a painting with watercolour pencils if I want a particular result or want to boost the colour and tone. This is extremely useful if you want to preserve a certain textural effect when adding another layer of watercolour would agitate and alter the surface irrevocably. I do whatever is necessary to make a picture work, as long as it is conservation-friendly. Next, I work back in with yellow and cobalt blue to soften...
    It is about watercolour painting. The author is a Scotsman. I'm not sure about the exact meaning in this context. Please answer in English if possible. Thank you in advance.
    Authormegatipp (908281) 13 Dec 16, 18:33
    The way I understand this: he does whatever he deems necessary to bring out (restore it to) the full effect of the painting, as long as it doesn't hurt or damage the painting during the conservation process.
    #1Authordude (253248) 13 Dec 16, 18:42
    Is he restoring paintings, or is he a painter concerned with conservational aspects so that his paintings will be in a good shape for a very long time and don't create problems for museums and private collectors?
    #2Authormbshu (874725) 13 Dec 16, 18:50
    I have the same question as #2.
    #3Authormikefm (760309) 13 Dec 16, 19:36
    @ #2 and 3
    I think there aren't any problems concerned with conservational aspects in this context, at least there isn't any hint in the text preceding. I would think the author confused the word conservation and the word lightfastness, a slight mistake. Lightfastness is a problem of all colours, not only of watercolours. My problem lies in the question if there is any relationship of the word conservation to the word preservation, maintenance, f.i. of the character of the painting.
    #4Authormegatipp (908281) 13 Dec 16, 23:20
    I'll join the guessing-game and offer my impression of what the OP means.

    I read it as referring to the painting's longevity (physical integrity). He seems to be saying that he'll do "[anything] necessary to make the picture work," so long as it (his materials, etc.) don't endanger the painting over time. (For an extreme example: He won't throw gasoline on the painting just to give it a particular effect.)

    IMO, he's concerned about conserving the painting's physical integrity.
    #5AuthorHappyWarrior (964133) 13 Dec 16, 23:26
    Thank you all !
    #6Authormegatipp (908281) 14 Dec 16, 23:57
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