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    German missing

    I probably would have led with that


    I probably would have led with that

    Was bedeutet "I probably would have led with that"?

    Ich kenne "to lead with something" im Sinne von:
    a. mit etwas aufmachen (als Schlagzeile/Aufmacher verwenden)
    b. mit etwas einsteigen (ein Gespräch o.ä. mit einem bestimmten Thema beginnen)
    Aber beide Ansätze ergeben hier keinen Sinn ...
    Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen??
    Author J_u_l_i_a (922683) 01 Apr 17, 14:23
    Es gibt noch eine dritte Bedeutung, die Führhand beim Boxen. Aber auch da sehe ich keinen Zusammenhang zu deinem Bild.
    #1Author penguin (236245) 01 Apr 17, 15:11
    I would imagine it is intended in the sense of meaning b,
    i.e. "If I were you, I would probably have mentioned that last point first."
    Could it be a quote or allusion?
    The person in the picture appears to be squatting in front of something. Is she supposed to be praying or confessing or something?
    I'm not familiar with Whisper.
    Is it something like a "social media" site where immature people can post fake confessions?
    If so, I would guess that it might be a typical reply to someone who mentioned several minor things and then wrote "Oh, and by the way, I [insert something really shocking, preferably involving sex].

    PS: The word order is probably more common in AE.
    #2AuthorMikeE (236602) 01 Apr 17, 16:33
    MikeE, as far as I know (from another query by the OP: related discussion: to resent the hell out ouf someone - #8 )
    it's a parenting site, and apparently the pictures behind the quotes do not necessarily have anything to do with the caption.
    #3Author penguin (236245) 01 Apr 17, 17:00
    Thanks, penguin!

    Without any more context, I think the most likely "immediate" meaning is something like "Personally, I would have started with that" but what that implies in context is unclear.

    It's not even clear to me if this is one item in a conversation.
    #4AuthorMikeE (236602) 01 Apr 17, 22:13
    #2 PS: The word order is probably more common in AE.

    Do you mean the position of "probably"? I would probably have said "I would probably have led with that."
    #5Author patman2 (527865) 01 Apr 17, 22:27
    Yes, that's what I meant.
    Like you, I would probably have said "I would probably ..."

    I don't really know about AE in this example, but I have the impression that modal adverbs are found in a pre-modal-auxiliary position slightly more often in AE than in BE (or are used with less emphasis in that position).
    #6AuthorMikeE (236602) 02 Apr 17, 10:48
    Also heißt das so viel wie:

    Ich hätte wahrscheinlich damit angefangen.

    (Was auch immer mit "damit" gemeint ist ...)

    DANKE für Eure Hilfe!!
    #7Author J_u_l_i_a (922683) 02 Apr 17, 19:55
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