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  • Subject

    That's what always got me

    Interview vom 25. Januar 2012 - VOID Magazine und G. Love über seine Musik und seine Inspirationen.
    VOID: The blues are all about telling a story of hardship. Do you feel you incorporate your own “hardships” into your music – not just in the lyrics, but does the overall sound reflect your feelings?
    G. LOVE: Blues is a celebration of life – the good times and the rough times. You can feel it. You have to bring the feeling and expression to it. What can you emote with these simple changes? That’s what always got me.
    Ich habe "That get´s me" immer mit "Das interessiert mich" gleichgesetzt. In diesem Interview scheint es aber um mehr zu gehen. Gibt es eine treffendere Übersetzung??
    Author J_u_l_i_a (922683) 19 Jun 17, 09:54
    Hier vielleicht:

    Das hat mich schon immer fasziniert.

    *Ich habe "That get´s me" immer mit "Das interessiert mich" gleichgesetzt.*

    Interessant - wo hast du das denn so (mit Apostroph) gelesen?
    #1Author Woody 1 (455616) 19 Jun 17, 10:06
    Das war ein Tippfehler. Ich meinte natürlich "That gets me."
    #2Author J_u_l_i_a (922683) 19 Jun 17, 10:22
    Das ist (genau*) das, was mich schon immer interessiert/fasziniert hat.

    * das "genau" steht das so nicht im Satz, hier nur zur Verdeutlichung ...
    #3Author no me bré (700807) 19 Jun 17, 11:41
    #2: Out of interest: If you were going for an apostrophe, why did you use an acute accent?

    As for the meaning of "That gets me", it does not mean "interessieren" or "faszinieren" in this context. It's about the emotional effect.
    #4Author Pipper (917363) 19 Jun 17, 12:24
    #4: Out of interest: If you were going for #1, why did you use #2?


    Woody 1 just copied it from the OP.
    #5Author Jalapeño (236154) 19 Jun 17, 12:35
    Comment get the ball rolling.
    #6Author Pipper (917363) 19 Jun 17, 14:12
    I don't know. I think this "gets me" can be interpreted in different ways. The "changes" mentioned here most likely are referring to chord progressions in the music. That's the word often used by jazz musicians, ie. "chord changes". The well known 12-bar blues is extremely primitive harmonically, it couldn't be simpler. And yet, the wealth and depth of feeling that can be expressed with "these simple changes" is truly amazing. And that's what "gets him". That's my take on it. Maybe more context would confirm my theory; or maybe I'm off base here.
    So I think "faszinieren" comes close, or maybe "verblüffen"?
    #7Author wupper (354075) 19 Jun 17, 15:57
    Oder: Das hat mich immer gepackt!
    #8AuthorBraunbärin (757733) 19 Jun 17, 16:51
    I'm with Pipper's "berühren" here.
    #9Author penguin (236245) 19 Jun 17, 16:52
    @penguin & Pipper: What do you think G. Love means here by "simple changes"?
    #10Author wupper (354075) 19 Jun 17, 17:40
    He's talking about feelings, emotions, and referring to chord progressions which grab you / touch you. Why wouldn't you say "berühren" here?
    #11Author penguin (236245) 19 Jun 17, 17:50
    I'm with wupper here. It's not that he's "berührt" but that it amazes him how the blues achieves all that in its simplicity. I think "verblüffen" would be a good choice.
    #12AuthorKai (236222) 19 Jun 17, 17:52
    OK, if that's what you think he means - fair enough.
    #13Author penguin (236245) 19 Jun 17, 17:53
    Why wouldn't you say "berühren" here?
    Because it doesn't make sense with what comes directly before. At least not with my understanding of "simple changes" and I can't think of any other meaning for "simple changes" here. That's why I asked what you thought it meant.
    Look at the the context given:
    "You have to bring the feeling and expression to it. What can you emote with these simple changes? That’s what always got me."

    If the sentences were: There's so much feeling and expression in the blues. That's what always got me.
    ...then Pipper's interpretation would make sense. But the context given is different.

    "Emote" is also an interesting choice of words BTW. He frames it as a question, but it's a rhetorical one.
    He could just as well have answered:
    Look at the incredible wealth of emotions that can be expressed by these simple technical means. That's what always got me.

    @#11: ...and referring to chord progressions which grab you / touch you.
    I don't see that anywhere.
    #14Author wupper (354075) 19 Jun 17, 18:00
    changes --> chord changes --> chord progressions

    and your 'wealth of emotions'
    #15Author penguin (236245) 19 Jun 17, 18:51
    Sehe ich wie wupper.
    Nicht die Akkorde berühren ihn, sondern es fasziniert/verblüfft ihn, welche Palette an Gefühlen man mittels einfacher Wechsel ausdrücken oder erwecken kann.

    Welche Emotionen kann man mittels dieser einfachen Akkordwechsel ausdrücken? Das hat mich schon immer gefesselt.

    Edit: ähnlich wie Braunbärins #8
    #16Author Möwe [de] (534573) 20 Jun 17, 08:44
    Danke für eure Hilfe. Mein "interessiert mich" ist also manchmal zu schwach gewesen :-)
    #17Author J_u_l_i_a (922683) 20 Jun 17, 09:18
    I like #8 and #16. The musician is affected by the enigma that is the Blues.
    #18Author Pipper (917363) 20 Jun 17, 09:45
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