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  • Subject

    gestelltes lächeln

    Context/ examples
    Ihr habt mir wehgetan und mich dadrauf gleich gefragt wie es mir geht.
    ...Und Ich zeigte euch nur mein gestelltes Lächeln.
    AuthorLara21 May 06, 11:17
    Suggestionmy fake laugh
    Context/ examples
    not entirely clear to me what kind of laugh this is, but i'm assuming it's a laugh that is not meant to be "true"?
    #1Authorkris21 May 06, 11:20
    It's a smile not a laugh.. Not a laugh about a bad joke..

    It's meant to be like "In fact I don't like you, but I've got to smile to make you think I'd like you"

    #2AuthorLara21 May 06, 11:23
    Suggestionfalse smile
    #3AuthorBE21 May 06, 11:32
    Hm gibt es da net noch ne andren ausdruck für?

    posed smiling vlt?

    false smile hört sich noch zu nett an findsch.. trotzdem danke ^^

    #4AuthorLara21 May 06, 11:57
    Suggestionfake smile
    kris was right, he/she just overlooked the "l".
    "phoney smile" is another possibility
    "posed smile" sounds weird to me in this context. More like what politicians, etc. do in front of a TV camera.
    #5Authorwpr21 May 06, 12:16
    Suggestion"Fake smile" or "faked smile"
    Context/ examples
    Faked smile

    She’s fishing for another smile
    My heart is cold, I feel like screaming
    Smile, my darling
    Smile, you’re alive
    You owe me this just smile

    Just another smile

    My day is gray and there’s salt in my blood
    Painful, but still ‘just smile’
    Is it worth faking it all because of you
    I feel frozen, sad, hurt
    She’s been fishing for that smile for too long
    She wants pop music, while I’m listening to a sad song
    Her fault she thinks
    Leaves the room
    Slams the door
    because I didn’t fake another foolish smile
    © Ellen Katrine

    Faked Smile

    Faked Smiles,
    I'm Turning,
    I'm Hiding,
    I'm away,
    Unhappy, Sad,
    Not worthwhile,
    Sleeping, Dreaming, Smiling,
    Faked Smile,
    Disturb me,
    Face me,
    Faked smile,
    Sleeping, Dreaming,
    Disturb me,
    Depressed, Unhappy, Sad,
    Not worthwhile,
    Face Reality,
    Chances Lost,
    Faked smile,
    Burn me,
    Shock me this time,
    Disturb Me,
    Face Reality,
    Think Practical,
    Fear me,
    I'm not worthwhile,
    Away from you,
    Promises begin,
    Promises Left behind,
    Faked smile,
    I'm paralyzed,
    Pick me up,
    Walk me threw,
    I'm lost,
    Your Fake smiles,
    Waiting, Wanting,
    Your real smile,
    Your Lies,
    Your Pretend,
    Fake Smiles.

    #6AuthorSmile21 May 06, 12:25
    Or how about 'I only put on/showed you my empty smile'?
    #7AuthorMe21 May 06, 14:31
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