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    Gemeint sind Bücher,Hefte und Mappen.

    Ich habe meine englischsachen oder schulsachen vergessen
    Wie würde man das sagen?
    School stuff?
    Authorsporty1 (764265) 04 Sep 19, 20:06
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    school supplies  pl.die Schulsachen

    study materials

    #1AuthorJohn_2 (758048) 04 Sep 19, 20:50
    Yes, 'school stuff,' or 'stuff for school,' 'school things,' 'things for school' ...

    BE maybe also 'gear'? But that might imply clothing, like for sports, I'm not sure.

    *f5* 'Study materials' sounds surprisingly formal, but see what other BE speakers say.

    More common than any of those might just be 'backpack.' (Or for younger children, maybe 'satchel' still in some places, though I think those are long outdated in the US.)

    If the kid is organized, the things are kept in the backpack, so the backpack is what he or she has to remember on the way out the door. (-:
    #2Authorhm -- us (236141)  04 Sep 19, 20:53
    Suggestionschool supplies
    #3AuthorIna R. (425467) 04 Sep 19, 22:41

    Pssst : ... Ich habe meine Englischsachen oder Schulsachen vergessen ...

    #4Authorno me bré (700807) 04 Sep 19, 22:45

    school supplies is correct ... however, if this is a young(er) student talking, they would probably just say "my school stuff", at least in AE.

    #5AuthorRES-can (330291) 04 Sep 19, 23:04
    'School supplies' is indeed correct, sorry I didn't think of it.

    However, to my ears it's used more in the context of shopping, at the beginning of the school year, than in the context of remembering to bring things home or take them to school. And it includes things like pencils, pens, paper, glue, scissors, ruler, compass (if kids even still use all those).

    I don't know if we would say 'stuff' or 'things' as much for a particular subject like English. Sometimes we might just use a more specific noun. 'Oh, no, I forgot to bring home my English book / notebook / folder. I'll have to get the assignment from someone else.'
    #6Authorhm -- us (236141) 05 Sep 19, 05:16

    Auch auf Deutsch: Schulsachen umfaßt neben den im OP genannten Büchern, Heften und Mappen auch Ranzen, Federtasche nebst Inhalt usw. "Laß Deine Schulsachen nicht überall herumliegen!"

    NB. Ich sehe gerade, die Federtasche heißt nicht überall so:äppchen.

    #7Authormbshu (874725) 05 Sep 19, 06:26

    'school supplies' sounds to me far more formal than 'study materials' (which I don't think is formal), and it's something different anyway.

    In BE, 'school supplies' would be what the deputy head teacher orders from central stores: desks, chairs, textbooks for the library etc.

    #8AuthorJohn_2 (758048) 05 Sep 19, 08:22
    Und wenn ich mich entschuldigen möchte dass ich meine englischsachen zu Hause vergessen habe u nicht mit habe, dann ginge
    Englisch stuff, supplies, materials oder?

    Vielen Dank!
    #9Authorsporty1 (764265) 05 Sep 19, 08:52

    'The dog ate my homework.'

    No, seriously: culturally speaking, 'I forgot' is not a good excuse in either English-speaking or German-speaking countries. You can say it, but you should not be surprised if the teacher thinks that you are probably not a student who wants to learn.

    So if you make a mistake like that one time, you should work twice as hard after that, to show the teacher that the class really is important to you. And never do it again. (-:

    'I'm sorry, I forgot to bring my things / stuff / materials / books for English.'

    #10Authorhm -- us (236141) 05 Sep 19, 09:10

    War OT... Schwamm drüber...

    #11AuthorReisigbesen (1082761)  05 Sep 19, 12:22

    Once again, Sporty: NOT 'supplies'.

    #12AuthorJohn_2 (758048) 05 Sep 19, 16:42

    School supplies ist für mich das, was man einkauft. Wenn man es erstmal hat, ist es school stuff und wenn ich mein Englischbuch vergessen habe, würde ich sagen 'I forgot my (exercise) book' oder 'homework'. Das man seine Stifte vergessen hat, geht den Lehrer doch gar nichts an...

    #13AuthorColorada (428933) 05 Sep 19, 17:07
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