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  • Subject

    Forschungsziele ableiten


    Hi guys,

    I have the following German sentence that I would like to translate (or reformulate) in English:

    "Basierend darauf werden in Kapitel 2 die Forschungsziele dieser Arbeit abgeleitet"

    Hier ist mein Vorschlag:

    "Based on this, Section 2 infers the research goals of this thesis"


    Ich bin mir zum einem bezüglich des 'infers' nicht ganz sicher. Und zum anderen die Frage, ob man eher 'research objetives' nehmen sollte?

    AuthorPeter_Be (871272) 24 Mar 20, 11:56

    vielleicht eher: identifies/explains/develops ?

    #1Author wienergriessler (925617) 24 Mar 20, 12:07

    "Infers" won't work, because only a person can infer, not a section of a book or thesis. A reformulation such as the suggested "identifies" could work.

    also, both "goals" and "objectives" seem ok to me.

    #2Author bishop_j (877745)  24 Mar 20, 13:05
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