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    “Imagine thinking that the heart is considered an emperor or king and then the brain is the judge, the sergeant major and the assistant,” he says. “The nerves are ministers and the muscles the citizens and workmen. That’s what the great Harvey thought.”


    Was kann denn in diesem Zusammenhang mit assistant gemeint sein? Für mich ist natürlich nur wichtig, welches Wort ich da hinschreibe :) (Assistent, Stellvertreter ???)

    William Harvey ist der Entdecker des Blutkreislaufs und Wegbereiter der Physiologie. Ein entsprechendes Zitat habe ich nicht gefunden.

    Danke und Grüße

    Author IMKE (767336) 29 Mar 20, 15:12

    FWIW: Ich kannte das Zitat zufällig anders ( = länger :-) ), und nach etwas Suchen habe ich die mir bekannte Version gefunden:

    Is the brain the general? The nerves carry the commands, sergeant major. The spinal medulla the lieutenant-comet. The branches of the nerves which give the signal to the muscles, the captains. The muscles, the soldiers. Or is the brain the ruler of the senate for the purpose of deciding what useful things are present? The nerves, the magistrates. The branches of the nerves, the officials. The muscles, the citizens, the populace. Or again, is the brain the choir-master? The nerves, the time-keepers and prompters, dancers. The muscles, the actors, singers, dancers. Or is the brain the architect? The nerves, the overseers, surveyors. The branches of the nerves, the clerks of every work. The muscles, the workmen. Or is the brain the master? The spinal medulla, his mate. The nerves, boatswains. The muscles, sailors.


    Möglicherweise hat jemand das Zitat vereinfacht und aus dem

    lieutenant-cornet den assistant gemacht.

    Cornet = Kornett/Cornet oder allgemeiner und verständlicher : Unterleutnant

    #1Author wienergriessler (925617)  29 Mar 20, 15:22

    Ah, super, da kann ich mir ja theoretisch irgendwas ausdenken bzw. aussuchen.


    #2Author IMKE (767336) 29 Mar 20, 17:38

    @#1: lieutenant colonel?

    #3Author dangermouse_0 (1296948) 30 Mar 20, 12:06


    From Oxford:




    The fifth grade of commissioned officer in a cavalry troop, who carried the colours. It is still used in some British cavalry regiments for officers of the rank of second lieutenant.

    #4Author hbberlin (420040) 30 Mar 20, 12:17
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