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  • Betreff

    to be in a deep.....

    You will be in deep...
    I have heard an expression which sounded like "you will be in a deep menu de pad", meaning to be in big trouble.
    I cann´t find the expression.
    Could a native speaker say what the expression might be?.
    Thanks in advance
    Verfasser soltani (783871) 23 Aug. 20, 07:03
    Could you say anything about where you heard it? A movie, maybe, or a video game? AE or BE? Any context would help a lot. Without it it's like searching for a needle in a haystack.

    Was the accent 'ménu' or 'menú'?
    Was it like English /'mɛn ju:/, or more like German or French?

    This is probably going out too far on a limb, but is there any chance the context had to do with Latino or Chicano culture? If so, could it be 'menudo'? (= mexikanische Kaldaunen-/Kuttelnsuppe)


    You will be in deep menudo, pal
    You will be in a deep menudo pot


    Otherwise, the expression 'in deep _______' often has some creative equivalent of 'sh*t,' for which there are many synonyms. Doodoo, caca, guano ...
    #1Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 23 Aug. 20, 10:02
    Thanks alot
    #2Verfasser soltani (783871) 23 Aug. 20, 12:33
    Vorschlagdear hm--us
    I came across the expression once again. If you still want to help, I could make a short video clip where the the expression is used. If I could send you the clip in any way you could cleary hear it. Could you send me your email?.
    #3Verfasser soltani (783871) 15 Sep. 20, 06:13

    Wie wäre es, wenn du es auf YouTube hochlädst und den Link hier einstellst?

    #4Verfasser Jalapeño (236154) 15 Sep. 20, 07:36

    Could it be „a deep manure pit“?

    #6Verfasser Dragon (238202) 15 Sep. 20, 08:09

    re ##3,4 ... falls das nicht öffentlich gezeigt bzw. hier eingestellt werden soll, lässt sich sowas nicht auch per PM verschicken ?

    #7Verfasser no me bré (700807) 15 Sep. 20, 11:06
    The clip is on Youtube.
    The cat is out of the bag.
    #8Verfasser soltani (783871) 15 Sep. 20, 20:49

    You forgot the link.

    #9Verfasser Gibson (418762) 15 Sep. 20, 21:37
    #10Verfasser soltani (783871) 15 Sep. 20, 22:53
    The link doesn´t work. If you write "Columbo, The cat is out of the bag" on youtube you will see the clip. At the end of the clip you can hear Columbo saying: If I find microscopic...... you will be in deep.....
    #11Verfasser soltani (783871) 15 Sep. 20, 23:02

    Meinst Du dieses Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DF0jWqfT-9U ?

    An welcher Stelle genau (min:sec) kommt der Satz ?

    #12Verfasser no me bré (700807) 15 Sep. 20, 23:07
    Ja exakt. Am Ende hört man es
    #13Verfasser soltani (783871) 15 Sep. 20, 23:11
    5:50 min
    #14Verfasser soltani (783871) 15 Sep. 20, 23:14

    "you are in deep manure, Pat" -- Pat is the name of the guy he's talking to.

    #15Verfasser bishop_j (877745) 15 Sep. 20, 23:21
    Thank you very much. Of course, manure.
    #16Verfasser soltani (783871) 15 Sep. 20, 23:27

    I'm no Columbo, but happy I could help solve the mystery.

    #17Verfasser bishop_j (877745) 15 Sep. 20, 23:32
    You did solve it. For me you are better than Columbo. I appreciate your help very much.👏👏👏
    #18Verfasser soltani (783871) 15 Sep. 20, 23:38

    I am invisible... :-(

    #19Verfasser Dragon (238202) 16 Sep. 20, 07:35
    What a good idea that was in #6!

    I actually thought of saying so at the time, but I didn't, sorry. /-:
    #20Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 16 Sep. 20, 10:19


    #21Verfasser Dragon (238202) 16 Sep. 20, 10:28
    Thanks hm--us
    #22Verfasser soltani (783871) 16 Sep. 20, 11:03

    Sorry for not mentioning that, Dragon!

    (I was going to make a joke about manure already appearing earlier in the thread, but I'll skip it)

    #23Verfasser bishop_j (877745)  16 Sep. 20, 16:09

    Okay, dann mache ich einen:

    Um zu sehen, dass das schon erwähnt wurde, muss manure genau lesen.

    #24Verfasser Jalapeño (236154) 16 Sep. 20, 16:26

    "You are in deep manure, Pat."

    No American would use that expression in that way. That is a euphemism, because U.S. broadcast television (unlike cable) cannot use strong language. The correct expression is: "You are in deep shit." Another euphemism, with a cutesy, childish sound to it, usually spoken with some irony, is, "You are in deep doo-doo."

    #25Verfasser Peter <us> (41)  17 Sep. 20, 02:20
    Peter! Great to see you again. Hope you're not too close to the path of either the fires or the pandemic.

    It may even be a while since you were mentioned in the missing persons thread, but we do think of you whenever someone turns up one of those classic collections.

    Siehe auch: Vermisste LEOniden II - #290
    #26Verfasser hm -- us (236141) 17 Sep. 20, 03:07

    hm -- us, Thanks!

    #27Verfasser Peter <us> (41) 17 Sep. 20, 05:10

    "It may even be a while since"

    Doofe Frage von einem, der bekanntlich eh kein Englisch kann und mit den Zeiten ein noch viel größeres Problem hat - müsste es nicht heißen "it may have been a while since"?

    #28Verfasser B.L.Z. Bubb (601295) 17 Sep. 20, 10:30
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