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  • Subject

    Sich gut verstehen

    Kann man ‚They Hit it off Really well‘ sagen
    Oder bedeutet Hit it off ja eigentlich eh schon gut verstehen und reicht oder?
    Authorsporty1 (764265) 23 Oct 20, 20:59

    They get on really well

    wenn du 'really well' benutzen willst. 'hit it off really well' klingt schief für mich.

    #1AuthorGibson (418762) 23 Oct 20, 23:48

    hit it off - If two people hit it off, they like each other and become friendly as soon as they meet.
    They hit it off straight away, Daddy and Walter.
    How well did you hit it off with one another?

    [Also + with]
    Synonyms: get on (well) with, take to, click [slang], warm to

    hit it off - (informal) Be naturally friendly or well suited.
    The two of them hit it off wonderfully and it was the start of a great friendship.
    It so happened that they hit it off immediately and became best friends off the court.
    It wasn't long before all six of us hit it off, teasing and conversing like old friends.
    He was glad his friends were hitting it off with Kelly, especially since the start of her day had been kinda rough.

    hit ...
    hit it off - to get along well: become friends
    they hit it off immediately

    hit - ...
    hit it off - (Informal) To get along well together.


    To me it sounds completely idiomatic to say 'They hit it off really well,' though of course only the first word is capitalized in an English sentence.

    After all, you can ask the question 'How did they hit it off?', meaning how did they get along from the moment they met.

    So in fact, I'm not sure about 'sich gut verstehen,' which is currently the only translation given in LEO. It's not wrong, but it does lack the component of meeting for the first time.

    Oddly, the AE dictionaries fail to even mention that. At least the BE ones are more specific, so maybe their examples will also be useful.

    Still, you can also use the phrase in other contexts, like 'We don't live very close to each other, but we always really hit it off whenever we can get together.'

    Not sure if any of that helps.

    #2Authorhm -- us (236141) 24 Oct 20, 02:29

    #2 (near the end): ... but we always really hit it off

    I was also going to suggest "really hit it off", rather than "hit it off really well".

    #3AuthorHecuba - UK (250280)  24 Oct 20, 11:05

    But "to hit if off" suggests the people in question met quite recently, which "sich gut verstehen" doesn't.

    #4AuthorRTH01 (932829) 24 Oct 20, 15:39

    "Get on really well" as in #1 is more BE.

    AE would be "get along really well."

    But both of those lack the connotation of just having met for the first time that "hit it off" has.

    (whether or not "sich gut verstehen" means that)

    "They hit it off really well" sounds fine to me as AE.

    #5Authorbishop_j (877745) 24 Oct 20, 16:20

    'sich gut verstehen' kann beides bedeuten, allerdings würde ich für 'hit it off' noch einen Zusatz wie 'sofort/ direkt / von Anfang an' erwarten.

    #6AuthorGibson (418762) 24 Oct 20, 19:12
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