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    to set a drop with sb

    to set a drop with sb
    Does the expression "set a drop with sb, meaning "to make an appointment with sb" exists?.
    Thanks in advance

    Verfasser soltani (783871) 21 Dez. 20, 15:10

    I would think of spending money with s.o. like going shopping for instance.

    #1Verfasser buttermaker (826321) 21 Dez. 20, 15:30

    "to set a drop" ergibt ganze 7 Treffer auf g* site:uk.

    Wieso sollte das eine gängige Redewendung sein?

    #2Verfasser wienergriessler (925617) 21 Dez. 20, 17:14

    In welchem Satz- oder sonstigen Kontext-Zusammenhang ist das den aufgetaucht ?

    #3Verfasser no me bré (700807) 21 Dez. 20, 17:18

    I don't know your actual context, but a "drop" is, for example, a delivery. Search, for example, for a "multi-drop delivery driver" for examples.

    I cannot envisage any circumstance in which #1 is correct.

    #4Verfasser Spike BE (535528)  21 Dez. 20, 18:27

    In which case it could mean making an appointment for a delivery (of food or a parcel).

    #5Verfasser penguin (236245) 21 Dez. 20, 18:30

    I think the phrase I would be most likely to use is "to arrange a drop", assuming this is about a delivery.

    #6Verfasser Spike BE (535528) 21 Dez. 20, 19:06

    #7Verfasser soltani (783871) 21 Dez. 20, 19:09


    drop - ... 13. a. A predetermined location for the deposit and subsequent removal of secret communications or illicit goods, such as drugs.

    b. The act of depositing such communications or materials.



    drop - 3: ... d: a place or central depository to which something (such as mail, money, or stolen property) is brought for distribution or transmission

    left the package at the drop

    (also :) the act of depositing something at such a place

    made the drop


    How to score dope/pills in a new city? ... Its a pain in the ass trying to get my friend to get ahold of the dude and set up the drop, and then I have to give my friend a point or two for setting up the drop.


    Narcotics drop at prison foiled, three charged ...

    An alert from the Oklahoma Department of Corrections led to officers intercepting an alleged planned drop of narcotics on prison grounds in McAlester. ...

    McAlester Police Officer ... was briefed on information received from an ODOC investigator about a possible drop that was supposed to be made by a former inmate and that the alleged suspects were coming from Oklahoma City. ...

    A black bag was also found inside of the truck that contained marijuana, methamphetamine, a set of working digital scales, hundreds of small unused plastic baggies, and three red pills, the affidavit states.

    In the back seat, a pill bottle with miscellaneous yellow pills inside was found along with a black bag with a large amount of money inside, the report states.


    Agents with the DEA soon gathered enough information to establish contact with M. by text message and undercover agents negotiated arrangements for a methamphetamine drop worth $5,000. M. agreed to hand-deliver the drugs to the agents.


    ... girl told detectives she made a methamphetamine drop for G. and said G. had another 14-year-old girl working as a prostitute.


    The drop is a term used purely in espionage. It's when you drop the papers or the microfilm in a dead tree and somebody comes along and picks them up. ...


    She made the drop in a busy train station.


    10. Dead drop – A dead drop or dead letter box is a method of espionage tradecraft used to pass items between two individuals by using a secret location and thus does not require them to meet directly. Using a dead drop permits a Case Officer and his Agent to exchange objects and information while maintaining operational security. The method stands in contrast to the live drop, so called because two persons meet to exchange items or information.


    For spies, a "drop site" is a place where a package can be left for another spy to pick up. In a similar sense, a digital drop site is a location on the web where a piece of information can be left, only to be retrieved later on.


    b) In Agentenfilmchen und -romanen gibt es die Methdode, Mikrofilm oder Berichte zu übergeben, indem man sie an einem unauffälligen Ort versteckt. Dieser nennt sich dann mail drop (stummer Briefkasten?) ...

    toter Briefkasten ...

    Siehe auch: mail drop

    Siehe auch: dead drop - toter Briefkasten

    Siehe auch: blind postal drop


    The original post has so little context that it's hard to guess what is being referred to.

    Just for the record, a drop in the sense of an event or transaction between two parties is often associated with secret or illegal activity. So that would be my first association with a fragment like 'set (up) a drop.'

    The drop can be either the place to deposit something (drugs, weapons, stolen goods, secret information, etc.), or the thing deposited, or the act of depositing something for someone else to pick up.

    There are apparently now also related senses that take place solely online.

    Also for the record, I agree that #1 is likely to be completely wrong.

    #8Verfasser hm -- us (236141)  22 Dez. 20, 02:30
    Very helpful hm--us.You made it very clear.
    Thanks alot
    #9Verfasser soltani (783871) 22 Dez. 20, 07:46
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