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  • Subject

    longer maturities


    .......transactions with longer maturities.........

    Es geht um Verträge.

    Kann mir jemand den Teil mit longer maturities übersetzen

    Author soulsister_01 (1115225) 22 Jan 21, 00:55

    je nach Kontext z.B.

    ... mit längeren Laufzeiten / hinausgeschobener Fälligkeit

    #1Author wienergriessler (925617)  22 Jan 21, 07:47


    maturity - ... 2: termination of the period that an obligation (see OBLIGATION sense 2c) has to run


    maturity - ... 3. VARIABLE NOUN

    When an investment such as a savings policy or pension plan reaches maturity, it reaches the stage when you stop paying money and the company pays you back the money you have saved, and the interest your money has earned.


    Customers are told what their policies will be worth on maturity.

    Treasury bonds have maturities that extend out as far as 25 years or more.

    In finance, maturity refers to the date on which the principal balance of a loan becomes due and payable. It also refers to the date when a bond pays off its principal with interest. ...

    Debt instruments such as a note or bill, draft and acceptance bond often are classified in terms of their maturity dates. Bonds with a maturity date of one year or less are known as short-term bonds, while those with a maturity date of more than one year are considered long-term.

    • Maturity is the agreed-upon date in which the investment ends, often triggering the repayment of a loan or bond, the payment of a commodity or cash payment, or some other payment or settlement term.

    • It's a term that is most commonly used in relation to bonds but is also used for deposits, currencies, interest rate and commodity swaps, options, loans, and other transactions.

    • The maturity date for loans and other debt can change repeatedly throughout the lifetime of a loan, should a borrower renew the loan, default, incur higher interest fees, or pay off the total debt early.


    In support of #1 ...

    #2Author hm -- us (236141)  22 Jan 21, 08:44
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