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    free trial, trial period, etc.


    Some of the biggest brands in streaming video are now offering 30-day free trial periods for sampling their TV and movie offerings. While you will (in most cases, at least) need to provide your credit-card information to begin your free trial, you can always cancel before you’re charged. You might, however, lose streaming access as soon as you cancel if you do it before the trial has run its course, so be sure to read each service’s terms and conditions.

    What if I forget to cancel my Walmart+ free trial before the free trial period ends?

    free trial – der Freiversuch
    free trial – die Gratisprobe
    free trial– kostenlose Erprobung
    free trial– kostenloser Test
    free trial– kostenloses Ausprobieren
    free trial– kostenlose Probe
    Siehe Wörterbuch: [en-de] free trial
    trial period – die Probezeit
    trial period [TECH.] – der Erprobungszeitraum
    trial period – die Versuchsperiode
    Siehe Wörterbuch: [en-de] trial period

    free trial (n) (sample of [sth] at no charge) –
    prueba sin cargo (nf + loc adj);
    muestra gratis, muestra gratuita (nf + adj)
    ‪If you want to check our new vehicles, just give us a call and we'll schedule a free trial.‬
    ‪Venga por la agencia y le permitimos hacer una prueba del vehículo sin cargo.

    trial period (n) (time during which [sth] can be evaluated) –
    período de prueba (nm + loc adj)
    The shop can hire you a wheelchair for a trial period to see if it suits your needs before you buy.

    free trial n —
    prueba gratuita f · prueba gratis f · evaluación gratuita f · muestra gratis f · prueba sin cargo f

    trial period – a period of time for testing or assessment
    Tesco are offering pet insurance for a trial period over the next few months.
    They want all suppliers of mobile phones to offer users a trial period.
    After a three-month trial period, I was given an appraisal by the managing director.

    trial period – per[í]odo (m) de prueba


    Here's another one that I wanted to say in a chat post but couldn't think how.

    It should be fairly close to a New Entry, but everything here is so quiet that I thought maybe a little discussion wouldn't come amiss.

    (Is 'come amiss' in this dictionary? Hmm ...)
    Autorhm -- us (236141) 28 Ene 21, 09:37

    Just another English definition :

     free trial

    noun [ C, usually singular ]


    uk us

    a product or service that is offered to customers for free for a short period of time so they can try using it:

    The gym offers a 30-day free trial to all new members. ...


    #1Autorno me bré (700807) 28 Ene 21, 14:24

    Adiós a los 30 días de prueba gratis para...


    prueba gratis seems to be fine.

    for amiss

    Siehe Wörterbuch: come amiss

    no era mal

    #3Autorbuttermaker (826321)  14 Ene 22, 16:46
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