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    Roman - 1875, London

    In einer Broschüre, in der Korsetts beworben werden, heißt es:

    ... write direct to XXX giving size, and enclosing P.O.O. ....

    Weiß jemand, wie die Abkürzung P.O.O. übersetzt werden könnte? Ich dachte an Versandkosten, finde diese Abkürzung aber nirgends.

    Vielen Dank!

    AuthorUlibert (899865) 29 Jun 21, 17:02
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    to poo   rarely: pooh  | pooed, pooed / poohed, poohed | [sl.]kacken  | kackte, gekackt | [vulg.]
    to do a poo   - baby talk [coll.]groß machen [coll.]   - Kindersprache für "defäkieren"
    to poo-poo  | poo-pooed, poo-pooed |   - baby talkAa machen   - Kindersprache für "defäkieren"
    poo-poo [coll.]die Kacke  no plural
    poo-uli   or: po'o-uli [ZOOL.]der Mauigimpel   or: Maui-Gimpel   Lat.: Melamprosops phaeosoma   [Ornithology]
    poo-uli   or: po'o-uli [ZOOL.]der Poo-Uli   or: Po'ouli   Lat.: Melamprosops phaeosoma   [Ornithology]
    poo-uli   or: po'o-uli [ZOOL.]der Weißwangen-Kleidervogel   Lat.: Melamprosops phaeosoma   [Ornithology]
    Ergebnisse aus dem Forum

    Ich vermute mal, dass P.O.O. irgendwas mit Zahlungsmodulaitäten zu tun hat ... payment order (???)

    #1Author AGB (236120) 29 Jun 21, 17:07

    post-office order n. now rare a money order for a specified sum issued upon payment at one post office, and payable at another (named) post office to the person specified in a letter of advice.


    post-office order, noun

    Definition of post-office order


    : a money order issued by a post office but not bearing the name of the payee which is given on an accompanying letter of advice



    "post-office order"---first documented use 1815 [OED]

    #2AuthorBion (1092007) 29 Jun 21, 17:17

    Links zu den Zitaten in #2 :

    ... dazu auch :


    ... Post Office order

    The Oxford Dictionary of Abbreviations ...

    #3Author no me bré (700807) 29 Jun 21, 17:34

    postal order n. a form of money order issued by a post office for the payment of a specified sum to a named payee at any post office; (formerly) such an order for one of a number of fixed sums.


    P.S. @#2: ; in my day I was familiar only with the "postal order" [first documented use 1864], also apparently used in the US; OED glosses them slightly differently, but they seem to be much the same thing; Dictionary: postal order

    #4AuthorBion (1092007) 29 Jun 21, 17:38

    In Deutschland gab es die Postanweisung - wobei da der Geldbriefträger das Geld ins Haus brachte.

    #5Author mbshu (874725) 29 Jun 21, 20:41
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