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    Das war auch höchste Zeit, denn das ewige Einerlei macht Widerwillen.


    Aus dem Brief eines Soldaten an seine Frau (19. Jh.). Das "Einerlei" bezieht sich auf das Essen. Nach Wochen eintöniger Verpflegung hatten der Soldat und seine Kameraden es endlich geschafft, auf einem Markt ordentliches Essen zu besorgen und frisch für sich zu kochen.

    VerfasserMeiki_zett (1087548) 24 Sep. 21, 10:48
    Ergebnisse aus dem Wörterbuch
    monotonydas Einerlei
    all the same einerlei
    irrespective  Adj.einerlei
    sth. is all the same to so. etw.Nom. ist jmdm. einerlei
    whensoever  Konj. [form.]einerlei, wann
    I've got no preference.Das ist mir einerlei.
    I have no preference.Das ist mir einerlei.

    run-of-the-mill food?

    run-of-the-mine meals?

    Klingt auf alle Fälle nicht sehr schmackhaft...

    #1Verfasser WittGenStein (1323045) 24 Sep. 21, 11:01

    Taking it together with “das ewige” you might try “the same thing every day”:


    “And it was high time too—the same thing every day is repellent / becomes off-putting.”

    #2VerfasserBion (1092007) 24 Sep. 21, 11:35

    Ginge hier nicht was mit "samey" ?

    #3Verfasser no me bré (700807) 24 Sep. 21, 11:50

    I'd say no (but someone please come along and prove me wrong). First use of "samey," according to OED, Kipling 1897, in the jocular "All the samey" (nichtsdestotrotz), otherwise as of 1929.

    Variations on #2: " ... —always the same thing each day ... "; " ... —the same thing day in, day out ... "

    #4VerfasserBion (1092007)  24 Sep. 21, 12:12
    Vorschlagthe constant monotony, the monotonous provisions

    June 16 | This Day in U.S. Military History

    Allen’s small band headed into the Copper River basin of Alaska in March 1885. (...) The rugged country and monotonous provisions sapped his energy and caused sickness. After a few months of “indescribable hardships and privations,” all of the men came down with scurvy.


    Representations of Home in New Zealand World War II POW Poetry

    von M Johnson · 2019 — While many prisoners despaired at the constant monotony of captivity, there were moments when they could briefly distract themselves with leisure activities


    #5Verfasser mad (239053) 24 Sep. 21, 12:50

    Yes, semantically they are okay. But the register isn't right. Note that they come from contemporary historical reports. The OP, though, is from a soldier's letter to his wife.

    #6VerfasserBion (1092007) 24 Sep. 21, 13:01


    Originally U.S. same old, same old: used to convey that something is unvaryingly familiar or drearily predictable.

    In quots. 19641   and 19642   as the title of a song by U.S. jazz pianist and composer Roger Kellaway (b. 1939) who in correspondence with the editors made the following comment:

    ‘In 1959 I was playing bass with Ralph Marterie's Big Band. In the saxophone section playing first Tenor was Joe Farrell. Joe was the first person that I ever heard say, "Same Old, Same Old". I have no recollection of ever hearing anyone else use this expression. I just liked it as a song title. That's why I used it.’ (From an email dated 12 March 2016).

    1964   Billboard 22 Feb. 28/4  Listeners will probably be hearing his [sc. Roger Kellaway's] ‘Same Old, Same Old’ played as a single on many pop radio stations across the country in the near future.

    1964   R. Kellaway (title of song) in Jazz Portrait   Same old, same old.

    1988   J. Ellroy Big Nowhere vii. 78  The slattern tapped the strip with a long red nail. ‘The same old same old. What can I do you for?’

    1994   Minnesota Monthly Aug. 54/2  It's the same old same old every year at the fair.

    2005   M. St. Amant Committed (new ed.) Epil. 281  My season can be described in four words: same old, same old.


    used to say that a situation or someone's behaviour remains the same, especially when it is boring or annoying:

    Most people just keep on doing the same old same old every day.


    like samey, this one is too modern for the context (1960s according to the OED!), but for the archive there's also same old same old (we have been eating the same old same old every day)

    #7Verfasser papousek (343122) 24 Sep. 21, 13:24

    But "the same old" on its own goes back at least to the eighteenth century.

    So a further colloquial possibility: " ...—the same old thing every day ... "

    #8VerfasserBion (1092007)  24 Sep. 21, 13:34
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