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    Kontext/ Beispiele
    Which word would you use in English?
    VerfasserKundera25 Jul. 06, 14:49
    without context?
    =Person living/working in a country different from the one they were born in?
    exiled person?
    = either resettled within the country (internal exile) or
    = deported (external exile)

    You choose
    #1Verfasserlaalaa25 Jul. 06, 15:06
    or "person living in exile."
    #2VerfasserHelmi (U.S.)25 Jul. 06, 15:09
    Vorschlagperson living in exile
    Kontext/ Beispiele
    I was thinking that, too...but there's no concise word...emigre refers specifically to people who have emigrated, deportee is something else, immigrant is something different...
    I'm refering to someone who left (possibly under threat) their country of origin and resettled elsewhere, e.g. Milan Kundera.
    #3VerfasserKundera25 Jul. 06, 15:24
    OK, voluntary = self-exiled person or person forced into exile. However, there is the term "exiler" according to Webster's.
    #4VerfasserHelmi (U.S.)25 Jul. 06, 16:36
    Vorschlagan exile

    "exile" can mean a person living in exile, for example a tax exile (Cambridge Dictionary)

    #5Verfasser Robert_16 (1311926) 29 Mär. 23, 22:59

    Links mit Zitaten zur Aussage in #5 :




    uk   /ˈek.saɪl/ /ˈeɡ.zaɪl/ us   /ˈek.saɪl/ /ˈeɡ.zaɪl/

     ... [ C ]   a person who is sent or kept away from their own country, etc.

    See also

    tax exile ...


     tax exile

    noun [ C ]

    uk /ˈtæks ˌek.saɪl/  us /ˈtæks ˌek.saɪl/

    a rich person who has moved to another place where taxes are lower than in their own country:

    The island is a haven for tax exiles. ...

    #6Verfasser no me bré (700807) 30 Mär. 23, 10:33
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