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  • Subject

    workings (mathematics)


    The record of the successive calculations made in solving a mathematical problem.

    ‘show details of workings in your answer book’


    What do you call this in the context of a maths lesson - what does the teacher say you need to include, as well as the final answer to a question? I should know this and it's really annoying me :)

    Author CM2DD (236324) 23 Nov 21, 10:21
    #1Author Mattes (236368) 23 Nov 21, 10:28

    Ah, great, thank you!

    #2Author CM2DD (236324) 23 Nov 21, 10:30

    Edit: Die anderen LEO-Fäden zu Rechenweg bestätigen dagegen die jetzigen LEO-Einträge; da müsste vielleicht nachgebessert werden:

    Siehe auch: Rechenweg

    Siehe auch: So der Rechenweg

    #3Author Mattes (236368)  23 Nov 21, 10:31

    Als Alternative kenne ich auch Rechengang.

    #4Author eineing (771776) 23 Nov 21, 10:37

    In my day they used to say "working" (singular/uncountable) -- show your working. I see that Wiktionary has this, though it may be that "workings" is now more common.

    working (countable and uncountable, plural workings)


    3. (arithmetic) The incidental or subsidiary calculations performed in solving an overall problem.

    Be sure to check your working.

    #5AuthorHecuba - UK (250280)  23 Nov 21, 11:15

    OED says "(in singular or, in later use, plural)" - the plural is the form that naturally occurred to me, and I'm not that young, so "later" is clearly regional/subjective!

    #6Author CM2DD (236324) 23 Nov 21, 12:58
    Suggestion(Show your) working(s) (BE) = work (AE) (math.)
    related discussion: Please show all your work for full credit

    If you're doing math, you have to show your work. If it's too much effort to "show your work," chances are you will never be required to do so in the "real world." When you show your work you can always go back and find where you miscalculated something ...

    AP Calculus: 10 Tips to Showing Your Math Work ...
    There is no greater frustration than scoring less than full credit on a problem, especially if you knew exactly how to find the answer but didn’t show any steps. Unfortunately, if the instructions ask you to show your work, then the grader is looking for more than just a final answer. This article is all about showing your math on the AP Calculus exam.
    Why Showing Your Work Is Important
    First, let’s talk about why it’s important to show your work.
    It’s not just about weeding out the cheaters who copy their final answers from a neighbor.
    Instead, showing your math steps demonstrates that you know the process well enough to explain it to someone else. That’s an important part of learning mathematics.
    Furthermore, half of the AP Calculus exam requires you to show work. You must show a logical progression of mathematical steps to receive credit on the free response questions. (More info about those can be found here: Understanding AP Free Response Questions.)
    ( )

    Getting Math Students to Show Their Work ...
    Now that most of us are face to face, I have had an opportunity to see more of their work. After learning virtually for several weeks, many students got in the habit of showing little to no evidence of the work they did to reach their conclusions. In general, they were out of the practice of writing anything down.
    In the current climate, it’s more important than ever to remind them to communicate their thoughts logically and clearly. But how do you get students to think about concepts in a meaningful way and then communicate those thoughts clearly? I decided I’d start by asking students what they thought good math work looked like. ...
    After listening to a lot of answers to my question, I concluded that my students don’t know what good mathematical work looks like.
    I’m not sure I know exactly either, although I can easily identify bad work. And I do know that I haven’t explicitly taught or even expected them to demonstrate good work. In the past, I would say, to get full credit you have to “show your work” or “show your steps.”
What does that even mean to my students? ...
    (I tried researching what good math work looks like and I didn’t find a lot. I did find this website that had good suggestions: Teach Thought.)
    ( ) ...
    A little suggestion that I use is to tell students to “make their thinking visible”. They have heard “show your work” in math class for many years. This is a different way to express that to students.


    Interesting. Just for the record, 'working(s)' here is evidently BE; the AE equivalent is 'Show your work.'

    (And the next issue after that is whether the teacher will give 'partial credit' if you used the right method but made a small error somewhere that caused a wrong answer ...)

    The suggestion 'calculation method' in one or more past threads is unfamiliar to me in practice. At a guess, it might have been an attempt at explanation rather than an equivalent term used in English.

    #7Author hm -- us (236141)  23 Nov 21, 13:50

    The suggestion 'calculation method' in one or more past threads is unfamiliar to me in practice. At a guess, it might have been an attempt at explanation rather than an equivalent term used in English.

    It's quite familiar to BE me. In the forms "show your calculation method" and "show your method of calculation".


    Calculations Show your method of calculation. Mass of potassium chloride solution Mass of potassium chloride

    It is also important for you to be able to show your calculation method in a clear and easily recognizable format.

    Edit: Sorry, the second link seems not to work. Anyway, interested persons can google the search terms themselves.

    #8Author FernSchreiber (1341928)  23 Nov 21, 15:09
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