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    Sorry for the ?, but I don't know the English word for the Spanish word I'm looking for. Does anyone know what this kind of lid is called (see above)? I've already asked in the German/Spanish section, but they've already called it a day. related discussion: [es-de] Klappenverschluss (Spitzer)

    Thanks a lot for help. 🙂


    I'm looking for the Spanish word. Sorry for posting in the wrong section.

    AutorWittGenStein (1323045)  04 Abr 22, 19:46

    --- edit --- ... wrong fred ...

    #1Autorno me bré (700807)  04 Abr 22, 20:41

    Sacapuntos con tapa deslizante perhaps?

    #2AutorWittGenStein (1323045) 04 Abr 22, 21:05

    Sorry I can't help you, but I'm posting to let you know that this English-Spanish forum is, for all intents and purposes, dormant - practically hibernating - some threads are more than a year old. It doesn't look like you posted the question in the German-Spanish forum (maybe I missed seeing it, though), but that's a much more active forum and one that is much more likely to get you your answer.

    PS - I don't know what that lid is called in English either.

    #3AutorMartin--cal (272273) 08 Abr 22, 20:22

    Sacapuntos -> sacapuntas

    Thanks for informing me, Martin. And yes, I also asked "next door".

    #4AutorWittGenStein (1323045) 08 Abr 22, 22:19
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