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  • Betreff

    left on the vine


    And our little home was payin' the price of love left on the vine.

    From: Don Williams' song "I'll forgive but I'll never forget".

    VerfasserWanderer82 (765276) 17 Apr. 22, 22:21

    In einigen der bisherigen Anfragen hier Siehe Wörterbuch: on the vine heiß es "(von vornherein) zum Scheitern verurteilt" oder auch "im Keim erstickt" ... könnte das zum weiteren Kontext des Songtextes passen ?

    #1Verfasser no me bré (700807)  17 Apr. 22, 22:31

    To me, it sounds like "wurde nie geerntet" -- which in this case sounds like one person was ready to give love, but the other person wasn't "harvesting" (taking) it. Maybe they loved someone else?

    (I didn't check the old thread, by the way).

    #2Verfasser Janette B. (1227601) 18 Apr. 22, 10:00

    Two of the propositions seem to be appropriate for the context (maybe "im Vornherein zum Scheitern verurteilt" seems to not hit the nail perfectly). The song is about a man who actually loves his girlfriend / wife a lot but he is always away for long times because of his job and so his partner started some affair which made the relationship to be over (to die).

    Here is the text and actually there's another line that I can't translate well, it's the last one ("I just wanted your love for mine"):

    It wasn't easy and I know it

    You'd been alone much too long

    I had a job places to go

    But I'd rather be right here at home

    He had the time he could give you

    When your lips could never find mine

    And our little home was payin' the price

    Of love left on the vine

    Forgiveness is something,

    I guess it comes with time

    But even at best

    There's one thing I know

    I'll forgive but I'll never forget

    I guess when it's over it's over

    And your time is no longer mine

    But I never meant to cause all the pain

    I just wanted your love for mine

    #3VerfasserWanderer82 (765276) 18 Apr. 22, 12:38
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