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    Verstopfung im Ohr / Ohrverstopfung


    Verstopfung im Ohr / Ohrverstopfung



    es gibt ja für die unterschiedlichsten Arten (Rohr, Darm, Schlagmichtot) eine Verstopfung. Welches englische Wort würde man für eine durch Ohrenschmalz hervorgerufene Ohr(en)verstopfung verwenden?

    AuthorDeoxys (281099)  11 Aug 22, 11:54
    #1Authorwienergriessler (925617) 11 Aug 22, 11:59
    Suggestionblocked ears; earwax build-up; earwax blockage; impacted earwax

    not necessarily a complete blockage - causes of symptomatic blocked ears range from earwax build-up to impacted earwax.

    #2AuthorMarianne (BE) (237471) 11 Aug 22, 12:10
    Colloquially: My ears are clogged (up).
    That's not specifically due to earwax, though.
    #3Authorwupper (354075)  11 Aug 22, 12:11
    Suggestion'My ears are stopped up' / ear wax buildup

    ... is what I would say, analogous to 'My nose is stopped up' or 'The drain is stopped up.'

    On an airplane taking off, you could say 'My ears are popping.' (So you swallow, or chew gum.)

    For the drain, you could also use 'clogged,' but I personally wouldn't use that for ears; could be a slight regional difference.

    As so often, English prefers a verb in normal conversation. If you needed to write a noun, for example as a record of a visit to the doctor's office, 'ear wax blockage' seems understandable to me, but possibly less idiomatic than 'ear wax buildup.'

    #4Authorhm -- us (236141) 11 Aug 22, 12:58

    Hmmm ... im Deutschen würde ich sowas im Ohr nicht "Verstopfung" nennen ... sondern "einen Pfropfen im Ohr haben" ...

    #5Authorno me bré (700807)  11 Aug 22, 13:18

    Manchmal ist die Verstopfung auch hinter dem Trommelfell, und kann nicht so ohne Weiteres behoben werden.

    #6AuthorRightSaidFred (1322814) 11 Aug 22, 13:27

    In this context, I came across a funny word: Dictionary: Gehörgangswattepfropfen

    #7AuthorBubo bubo (830116) 11 Aug 22, 13:44
    Suggestionmy ears are blocked

    Hi hm -- us

    I think we've had this BE/AE discussion on blocked vs clogged/stopped before - last time it concerned toilets 😉

    related discussion: Verstopfte Toilette

    #8AuthorMarianne (BE) (237471)  11 Aug 22, 16:40

    Gehörgangswattepfropfen oder Ähnliches haben die Holzbläser in Sinfonieorchestern manchmal, damit ihnen die unmittelbar hinter ihnen sitzenden Blechbläser nicht im Fortissimo die Trommelfelle zerfetzen - z. B. in Janaceks Sinfonietta mit 14 Trompeten. 🙉

    #9Authormanni3 (305129)  11 Aug 22, 18:50
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