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  • Subject

    Beiseite springen


    Hallo zusammen,

    ich suche die richtige (British English) Übersetzung für "beiseite/ zur Seite springen".

    Kontext: Jemand steht auf der Straße und muss wegen eines Autos beiseite Springen. "Jump to the side" oder "jump aside" klingen für mich sehr umgangssprachlich aber vielleicht ist es ja dennoch korrekt.

    Ich bin über jeden Input super dankbar!

    Authorgmgiadinh176 (1367975) 24 Sep 22, 12:59


    to step aside

    On this view , that it would be in my interest or for my good not to be run over by a bus is a reason for me to step aside so as to avoid being run over 

    The Rational and the Moral Order - Google Books

    oder auch to jump aside, wenn es schnell gehen soll...

    #1Author wienergriessler (925617) 24 Sep 22, 13:08

    Einige Anwendungsbeispiele :

    The Crow Indians - Page 142 - Google Books Result

    Robert Harry Lowie · 2004 · ‎Social Science

    He pretended to go , but jumped aside . In vain it [ the tree ) did it , it killed no one at all . It was lying on the ground ; before it got up this boy ...

    The Bear Cage - Page 73 - Google Books Result

    Peter Hess · 2006 · ‎Fiction

    Gohan jumped aside, averting the punch, and grabbed the man around the waist, flinging him into the wall. He heard his head crash against the concrete and ...

    Killer's Gold - Google Books Result

    J.R. Roberts · Fiction

    Clint heard the familiar cock of a gun's hammer and jumped aside an instant before a slug ate its way through the door, missing him by inches.

    #2Author no me bré (700807) 24 Sep 22, 13:19

    03.10.2013 — “The guys ran to try to stop her, and she wasn't going to slow down, so they jumped aside,” said B. J. Campbell, a tourist from Portland, ...


    29.01.2022 — The video, captured by an onlooker sitting inside a car parked beside the ... He manages to leap aside to avoid being run over by a truck.


    16.09.2018 — ... his vehicle into a car behind him before driving off at speed, requiring PCs Lindsey Zevenster and Garry Mauran to jump out of the way.


    “jump aside,” “leap aside,” “jump out of the way”

    #3AuthorBion (1092007) 24 Sep 22, 13:32
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