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    The whole tokenize-everything-thing so far is one fast hype train. It is exciting not for the technical efficiencies it may provide, but for the exact opposite: rent seekers seeking rent. Actually, between the lines, some projects seem to suggest to everyone: “You, too, can be a rent seeker.



    "Miet-Suchende" kann es ja wohl nicht sein ... und "rent-seeker" erscheint mir als Anglizismus im Deutschen noch zu unbekannt.

    Fällt jemandem ein besserer Begriff ein? Im Prinzip geht es meinem Verständnis nach darum, sich "Blutegel"-artig finanziellen Gewinn aus dem Vermögen Dritter verschaffen zu wollen.

    Authorrob2008 (403325) 27 Sep 22, 08:07

    Keine Antwort, sondern erst einmal eine Definition:

    Rent-seeking, in economic and public-choice theory, refers to attempting to increase one’s share of current wealth without producing or creating any additional wealth.

    What is rent-seeking? Definition and meaning - Market Business News

    #1Author wienergriessler (925617) 27 Sep 22, 08:23

    Perhaps you could keep rent-seekers in English and translate seeking rent? It is already redundant in English...

    Something like "rent-seekers, die, wie schon aus dem Begriff hervorgeht, Einkommen suchen, ohne eine Gegenleistung zu Erbringen."

    But phrased in native-speaker German?

    #2AuthorAE procrastinator (1268904) 27 Sep 22, 09:27

    FWIW :

      rent seeking

    economics ... Related Topics:

       public sector

    rent seeking, competition for politically protected transfers of wealth.

    The typical rent-seeking scenario includes an economic rent, or “prize,” and a set of actors that create, capture, and finance the prize. The government creates the prize by setting, for example, a public subsidy, an import license, or a monopoly protected by legal entry barriers. Interest groups struggle to influence the government and thereby capture the prize, a contest that may include lobbying, public-relations campaigns, and bribery of government officials. Unorganized segments of the public complete the rent-seeking picture, for they are the actors from whom resources are extracted to finance the prize, via taxes or higher monopolistic prices.

    Economic research on rent seeking has focused on both its causes and its consequences. ...

    #3Author no me bré (700807) 27 Sep 22, 12:26

    Re #3

    This context (tokens) suggests to me that this is the other meaning of rent-seeking, as in #1

    #4AuthorAE procrastinator (1268904) 27 Sep 22, 12:53
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